Gladden Scribbles Poems

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Wings In The Sky

myriad of wings in the sky,
home and home, gentle wings, gently fly
myriad of wings, I said I could not count
soaring up the gloomy eve, yes, I can now recount

Sorrows Of A Longing Soul

I have longed for the finality of today,
and it is sure the heart of may
the gracious month I first saw the ray
and the painful day,

Men Of War

Cannon of times, men of war
fearless of worst, villains afar
commander's minutes, men loves charge
abhorrence of foes, Sally of savage

Awaiting The Night

I have waited hours of noon
only if I could know how soon
when my dark loving sky would come
may peace then reign in my home;

The Morning Sun

It is all in the morning sun
yes. now, it is in the morning sun
that this serene view gladdens the day
gayly with its encircling rays,

Up In The Sky

Up in the sky,
there my eyes lies
awaiting the reaper's reply
on my quest to die

Good Night My Dear

Good night my dear, it's time to sleep
now that you have fall off life's steep
weep no more for the reaper's deed
for the taker's work is his deed;

Nocturnal Wings

The evening wings
flapped gently,
under our night
and the night

These Eyes You See

These eyes you see,
have gone to sea
hoping to see,
what dwells undersea

The Final Journey

And silent I passed a lofty hall
where my shadow was standing tall
and beaming there shone from afar— a light
brighter ever than the morning light

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