All I Want Is A Little Love. Poem by love poems

All I Want Is A Little Love.

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They say love has no limits,
I say neither does the pain.
They say love last forever,
I say so do the dreadful memeries.
They say love is the one thing missing,
I say so is the truth.
They say love will find me agien,
I say that may be true,
But it wont be the same,
Becuase its not you.
I dont want to love agien,
Dont want to feel the same,
Dont want to find another man,
Dont want to miss you,
Dont want to hold some other heart,
I just want you.

tyler 23 August 2020

i hated this bad bad bad bad bad

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Babatunde Aremu 06 August 2013

Nice poem. Every one wants to be truly loved. Ps spell check the spelling of 'because'.

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Sibile Malinga 13 January 2012

i like it a lot i am also a poet and i like what u writen

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Miriam Maia Padua 02 November 2011

A little love...All i want is a little love.. so touching...

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Ken E Hall 08 April 2010

A little love is a big dose of happiness but unrequited can be poison, The theme is there hope he is........regards

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