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Nature orderly sets the sky
Empowering sun as day king
And moon takes charge of nights
Stars are ordained as rays

I am a poet.
There is ink in my blood.
I flow through lines
As a river meandering its course.

Open those tight fists
Do not hold back
Make your palms transparent
Release that dime

They know the truth
Yet they tricked the truth
They see the truth
Yet they are blind to the truth

Do not say I am biase
There was a beautiful woman
She was the best of all women
An epitome of selflessness

There are billions of stars in the sky
There are trillions of lamps on earth
None glows like the beautiful moon
At your uprise the world glows

Seven days are in a week
Five are boisterous
I love the serenity of weekends
Less traffic, low noise,

Mr soldier is woken by the beagle
Left, right he is marched on by the whistle
The sound of the whistle
Is a clarion call to duty

It may look ordinary
But that smile is pleasant
To take away those strains
Exude that inner joy now

Birds do beautifully display
Their feathers in the skies
Lions proudly show off
Their brittle hairs in the jungles

When you see a man behaving well
People are curious to know his family
When a naughty interacts
His source is easily identified

Season comes,
Season vanishes,
Its a cosmic design
If the wind is contrary


A stone cast into the sky
Must surely fall down to the earth
No matter how greenish the grass is
It is a rich delicacy to herds

Its not just love for today
Neither is it for this week
My love towards you trancends this month
It is not an annual love

I am a special man
Addressed as a gentleman
My posture is calm
Inside me is ruggedness

Often we gaze into the sky
Longing for the descension of the spirit
Oblivious of the angels around us
We discontence the God-sent in our midst

Twenty kids cannot seat together
Listening to the same folktales
Continously for twenty years
We diversely came to the world

Just before dawn
Ere light glows
Just as cock crows
Before the early morning bell


Time, was, is, be
Time, a passing moment
Time, a past gone
Time, a future yet seen


I am neither a prophet
Nor am I a clairvoyant
But I have enough experience
To look into the seeds of time

Babatunde Aremu Biography

Has Bachelor of Arts, History from the University of Lagos and Master in Managerial Psychology from the University of Ibadan. I have deep interest in writing because it helps me to pour out my inside thoughts and experiences. Poetry is a powerful way of expressing these.I love using Yoruba proverbs to drive my thoughts through.This will be seen in my work. Equally, my christian background and life experiences influence my poems a great deal.)

The Best Poem Of Babatunde Aremu

Changed Destiny

Nature orderly sets the sky
Empowering sun as day king
And moon takes charge of nights
Stars are ordained as rays
All bringing joy to the world.

Alas! man came on board
Diluted light with darkness
Christened black as white
Turned the destiny of okro seed
Into a distasteful gall.

Man created his own world
Cololured the natural peace
With total confusion
Setting brothers against each other
Bringing bloodbaths and hues
Into once peaceful world

Babatunde Aremu Comments

Adesoro Segun 16 April 2015

Love your works right from the titles... Nice meeting you.

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Oni Omotayo 05 November 2014

I read through your poems, they're quite creative. kudos!

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Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 28 August 2014

A poet with a vision and clarity on himself a rare quality.

7 0 Reply
Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 10 April 2013

This is a very wonderful poet, who has a lot quality and depth in all his poems. This is a poet headed for greatness and i really admire his style.

8 1 Reply

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Babatunde Aremu Popularity

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