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simply maia.(certified PAULINIAN) _product of Recoletos School & St. Paul's University) not a poet but has love on poetry since e ...

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Until Now (I Love You)

You came into my life
When I was so young
You witnessed my growing up
Shared my innocence

Do Stay With Me

While mirthful breeze travels
To the unknown
Heavenly rays slowly glow
Soothing a soul, a soulful bliss

Back Again

Sitting silently beside the sleepy shore
Eyes staring blankly, thoughts drifted away
Pondering on the sweet and warm kisses we've shared
and all those words of love that brightens my day...

Love Had Gone Away

I saw you walking towards me
Grinning, smiling as if you knew me
With confidence you lend your hand
Asking me if you could be my man.

I'M Your Sunshine, You'Re My Rainbow

You are
My rainbow skillfully painted above the sky,
Making me glance and leave a sweetest smile,
Making me walk with hope even a hundred miles,


sdvsdvs 27 January 2020

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Fiona Finn 23 September 2016

Hi Maia, My name is Fiona Finn, author and Huffington Post Blogger. I'd love your permission to share your poerm, God Within in my next book, crediting you of course. Feel free to check me out at and you can contact me on that site to let me know if that would be okay. Thank you and your are VERY TALENTED! Fiona

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p.a. noushad 10 May 2015

Dear Maia Padua, I like your enchanting verses very much.

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Abegail Kyla Bilan 17 January 2015

Hello, I'm Abegail. I had to admit that for the first time I'd seen your name under the 'Popular Poets', I instantly clicked it out of curiosity since you're also a Filipino and it's my first time to see a Filipino's name in this site. Honestly, at first, I thought that you're someone not worth of anyone's praise but I swallowed my words and thoughts as I read others' comments about you. ALL POSITIVE. I am less interested with the titles of your other poems but one remains in my mind. There's this poem that is posted at your poems and its first two stanzas are displayed. LOVE REMAINS. LOVE DO REALLY REMAINS. Every word that I read hits me and is very accurate. There's this EFFECTIVENESS in it. Alam mo yung feeling na TAGOS! ? WEW. May pinanghuhugutan kumbaga and the best time to write and bear a poem is when you really relate your heart, soul, and life in your writings. Nice works, Maia :))

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Miriam Maia Padua 26 June 2013

Jay, Thank you for the appreciation... Glad your here to share your thoughts...weird or sweet it may be, its always and art... Write poems as you love to strum your guitar......When you play guitar by your heart, you also write poems from your heart.... Just scribble all your feelings.....

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Jay S 25 June 2013

She is a beautiful sweet soft spoken creative and very talented person. And I badly need her help..: D guide me Maia, i wanna give a direction to my weird thoughts.

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Papper Summer 06 December 2012

Hi! Im Papper, Can you help me? I love poems also, I have an collection of my poems but I want sale it.... Can I income here if I post it or just for free only.............................

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Miriam Maia Padua 07 November 2011

Muchas gracias....Estoy realmente agradecido a mi amigo de Argentina por ser tan amable de traducir mi poema en español que no soy bueno demasiado.Si sólo conozco muy bien español, entonces puedo hacer poemas en español... pero esta muestra sólo es un hombre generoso, dispuesto a compartir su talento también.

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Theorem Thetruthserum 07 November 2011

Great poems...touching..and we can learn a lot...

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Sunil Kumar 05 November 2011

mi espanhol no es tan bueno pero quisiera decir le que la poesia suya es bella.......y el pensamiento toca emociones universal

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Rachel Butler 25 October 2011

Maia, It a pleasure to take five mintues and read a piece of yours. It is like a gush of wind bring scents and freshness letting me know spring has begun. RAB

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Ofelia Pantino 20 November 2009

Good Day! I'm Ofie of Talitha Foundation and we received your message in our message board in our website, this is Miriam right? We just updated the website and we would like to inquire about the said donation in the message board. Pls. be courteous to contact us either in my email: or call us in the office at #7488896(manila area) or in our mobile #09093148953. thanks and God Bless!

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Eyan Desir 21 September 2009

Maia Padua write sweet poems I know this lady is loving She has to be...... Because the reflexion is in what she writes...... Read some of her titles... and you will see...enjoy

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Michora Local 02 August 2009

maia, , , mydearbestdriend, , , i found ur page, , i'm a member n, , , i wanna write some, , , ky lng ung mga nauna kong poems, , nk michoraloal n, , ,

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Sarwar Chowdhury 26 June 2009

Your words and Mind Your Words transmit mind beautiful that I adore because there pictographs has been painted is unique…… The Mind come out as refine as autumn’s colourless cloud The Mind come out as like as bloomed Magnolia’s smile The Mind come out as morning zephyr. Your Mind transmits words charming that I adore because they are as Thrilled looks of lovers eyes………..Exciting that shows tremendous power…….My wishes captured….endowed you…..I read your crystalline sharpness……You the you……You is you……No comparison with……. My friend of far away, how can I say- sit beside me for a while, walk and talk, rock and knock……then tell me the secret of secret of your beauty finding fact….. I hear, beauty of nature always say- pure lovers are worshiper….they are healer. 26.6.2009

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Miriam Maia Padua 20 June 2009

From : Indira Babbellapati (India ;) To : maia padua Date Time : 6/19/2009 8: 56: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00) Subject : i read... a wonderful poem a while ago by none other than u, dear lady! how could you make it flow so smoothly like a silent river? lots of love indira

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Michael Nkwocha 10 March 2009

greetings, Just read your poem titled 'Heaven'. its wonderful. truly there is no better place to wish to be. great work.

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David Castillon 28 January 2009

MAIA PADUA Your poems tells the sweetness, the honesty humbleness in you.The way a paulinian should be I heard Paulinians are groomed so well in their acts, thoughts, and feelings and conservative in all aspects? I ADMIRE YOUR WAY OF WRITING.kEEP IT UP! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! MORE WRITES DEARIE

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C T Heart 13 January 2009

Maia Padua you are a real artist by heart...your compositions are always penned vividly in a heartfelt way... True Paulinian...we were nurtured to be great in crafting our mind and soul...I too, a Paulinian, spent my childhood years of learning in a Paulinian sister school.... God Bless us always, Catrina

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Sarwar Chowdhury 12 December 2008

I remember the day I saw the name Maia padua logged in, the word Maia or Maya catched my sight bcoz in bangla Maia means affection/love. I clicked on Maia padua to go her web-home here. And that day just reading two poems I understood- this is a dangerous fine wordsmith! I think, her creative works's lovely images, lively flow, lustrous words, luscious verses, logical eloquences, lightful thoughts and limitless 'maia' successfully can link up with readers mind! Dear friend Maia, I read you with much zeal. Spread your 'maia' across the world, the world is war-torned! We need more and more light/love/peace from you. Long live and the Almighty always with you. Sincerely sarwar chowdhury

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