All Knowing

He is so big, we are so small, we are but men, He’s Lord of all,
Lord over the earth and skies, only by Him are men made wise.
We may live life as we please, but all that we do the Lord sees,
He’s omnipresent, everywhere, knowing all friendship we share.

The Lord is omniscient too, knowing the minds of me and you,
Every thought the Lord knows; each idea that comes and goes.
And God, knowing everything, knows what thoughts may bring,
Even man’s deepest hidden sin, can never be hidden from Him.

But, the comfort of all this is, God knows all those who are His,
All His children and their needs, and here, His children He leads,
With Truth that doesn’t change, for our Lord is always the same,
Always abiding within our life, through the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

The Lord God’s all powerful too, in all ways, to help us through,
And being creatures of but dust, in His power we place all trust.
Omniscient, He knows what’s best, and in His Grace we do rest,
And rely totally on His power, to meet our needs, day and hour.

Knowing all God can fulfill, we simply need to submit to His will,
And then our hearts shall sing, as Christ guides us in everything,
Holding fast to His will and plan, for He is God, we are but man,
To live for God our temporal lives, for the Glory of Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©03/2008)