All Need Peace Indeed Poem by Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman

All Need Peace Indeed

On hope mind is depended
By courage mind is defended
By failure it is offended
By prayer it is fully mended

Happy moments may be fewer
But each such moment is a rescuer
Failure is not at all a wrong-doer
It is a concealed courage-supplier

To death none is immune
This fact none can impugn
Before heart stops its tune
Let noble actions be sown

Lament not over failures and cry
With sincere hope work hard and try
All our tears only sweats can dry
Take efforts and do not simply lie

That which poisons mind is greed
The worst of all desires indeed
If a happy life you have to lead
Expect not more than your need

There should be a life-long campaign
Against pessimism which inflicts pain
To optimism if we ourselves confine
A fine life we can surely obtain

Great rewards are reaped by being silent
First, towards us none will be indifferent
Then misunderstanding will be absent
We can smell the aromatic peace-scent

An atmosphere full of noise
Where adults behave like boys
Should never be our choice
As it will spoil our equipoise

“How nice will be if we are kind”
Should be remembered by mankind
All our hatred if we totally wind
True and real peace we can find

Being a human-being is the greatest privilege
Conferred on us by God who will ever assuage
All our complaints to God we must lodge
All our difficulties via prayers we must dodge.

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