All-Pervading Supreme Being Poem by Harekrishna Meher

All-Pervading Supreme Being

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In all, scintillates Thy divinity.
In all, Thou art, Thou art, Thou art.
O Lord! In all, Thou art, Thou art, Thou art.

In the sweet mellifluous tone of cuckoo,
in the efflorescent fragrant lotus,
in the lucid-watered lake,
in the mountain where flows
the fountain with indistinct tunes,
scintillates Thy novelty,
the novelty, the divinity.

In the vast limitless blue firmament,
in the unfathomable unsurpassable ocean,
in the cloud shining with lightning
and in the handsome tree with creeper,
scintillates Thy excellence,
the excellence, the divinity.

In all the movable and immovable beings
enlightened with sunbeams,
in the affectionate splendid moonlight,
in the sweet fair smiling of a baby
and in the great womb of beatitude,
scintillates service to Thee,
service to Thee, the divinity.

In the wedding assembly
of Prakriti (Primordial Matter) and Purusha (Self) ,
in the body overwhelmed with attractive emotions,
in the juicy lovely lips of the beloved spouse
and in the flow of the eyes
drippling with affections,
scintillates Thy fusion,
the fusion, the divinity.

In the auspicious letter having emblem of ‘OM’,
in the opulence of virtues,
in the company of the saintly holy persons,
in all high and low things,
also in thy own self, the Supreme God,
Great among the great,
scintillates Thy epical splendour,
the epical splendour, the divinity.
O Lord! Verily in all,
Thou art, Thou art, Thou art.

Ramesh Rai 25 November 2014

A very deep spiritual write. Thanks for sharing.

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Harekrishna Meher

Harekrishna Meher

Sinapali, Nuapara, Orissa / India
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