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Auspiciously came
Ushā, the blooming lotus-eyed dame,
in her heart cherishing keenly
thirst for a vision

“Even far, I’m thy very near.
This always keep in the heart, My Dear!
Moon and Lily both are
from each other, away very far.

Then came a lady newly adorned,
comely-limbed with lustres bright and neat.
Sha has courageously churned
the affliction wrought by severe heat.

Is the modern world of armament
like a flower of firmament
or like a hare’s horn
or like a mirage or like an unborn?

The Sun has risen in the east.
Fragrance of Mother Earth
will spread all over the world.
The fragrance of Mother Earth,

Some opine that anyhow
during the gap of separation,
affections slowly deteriorate.
But the real thing is that

Truth, Auspiciousness and Beauty –
all these three in unity
well-known verily reign unfurled
in the terrestrial world.

O My Friend! Here
florescence of new Aś oka creeper
bearing few bunches of flowers
is not at all pleasurable to my eyes

'You are the soothing shelter
for those who are afflicted by heat
and distressed internally.
Therefore, O Dear Cloud !

Behold the effulgent form of divinity
in the soft figure of a child,
which is endowed with pure,
white and beautiful teeth.

May the New Year be auspicious.
May the New Year confer on us
supreme glee, happiness
along with diseaselessness.

Spontaneous is the flow of River
to mingle with Sea, her own lover.
She firmly crosses pass and rock
that appear on the way to block.

On the bank of Bhā gī rathī while
Lakshmaņ a deserted Sī tā to exile,
Sunshine had spread that moment
all over the regions

O Krishna! Owing to pangs of separation,
for Rā dhā, her home seems to be a forest.
The group of her dear maiden-friends
appears as a trapping net.

These lips of thine really bear similarity
with the beauty of flower Bandhū ka.
O Self-esteemed Lady!
Thy comely cheeks compile the lustres of Madhū ka.

Free birds of fair firmament we are.
High waves of ocean we are.
Lofty peak of white Himalayas we are.
High waves of ocean we are. (0)

‘The sky is encompassed by clouds.
With the hue of Tamā la trees
darksome appear the sites of woods.
This dear Kā hnā

Ye noble self like the divine doctor!
All the illness of Cupid-stricken Rā dhā
can be cured very well
only by the ambrosia

In all, scintillates Thy divinity.
In all, Thou art, Thou art, Thou art.
O Lord! In all, Thou art, Thou art, Thou art.

O Sanskrit !
The universal divine language
on the Indian soil, well-writ,
the symbol of our cultural heritage,

Harekrishna Meher Biography

Dr. Harekrishna Meher is a Sanskrit scholar, researcher, creative writer, critic, poet, lyricist, composer of songs, orator and translator. He writes in Sanskrit, English, Hindi, Oriya and Koshali languages. His research articles, scholarly essays and poems published in the leading journals and magazines of national and international levels. Harekrishna Meher was born at Sinapali, Nuapara District of Orissa in a renowned poetic family. His father was Poet Narayan Bharasa Meher and mother Smt. Sumati Meher. His grandfather Poet Manohar Meher is regarded as 'Ganakavi' of Western Orissa. He has excellent qualifications being topper in his career: B.A (Sanskrit Honours) from Ravenshaw College, Utkal University; M.A.(Sanskrit) and Ph.D. from Banaras Hindu University. Joining Orissa Education Service (OES) in 1981 as Lecturer in Sanskrit, he served in Govt.Panchayat College Bargarh and Fakir Mohan College Balasore. Recently he was Sr. Reader and Head of the Department of Sanskrit in Govt. Autonomous College, Bhawanipatna. Presently teaches at Post-Graduate Department of Sanskrit, Gangadhar Meher Autonomous College, Sambalpur, Orissa. Dr. Meher writes articles and poems in the field of literature, music and language. He is a well-known creative lyricist of Modern Sanskrit Literature. His endeavours for simplification and modernization of Sanskrit language are appreciable. His tri-lingual (Hindi, English and Sanskrit) translations of Gangadhar Meher's Tapasvini Kavya are remarkable. He has participated in literary workshops, seminars and conferences of state, national and international levels including World Sanskrit Conferences. He has published some books of poetic merit and research. Literary Awards Gangadhar Samman (2002) Gangadhar Saraswat Samman (2002) Jayakrishna Mishra Kavya Samman (2003) Vidyaratna Pratibha Samman (2005) Award of Appreciation (Jayadeva Utsav-2008, Odissi Akademi, New Delhi) Gangadhar Samman - Ashok Chandan Smruti Puraskar(2009) Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy Smarak Samman (2010) : By Academy of Bengali Poetry, Kolkata-700054. Haripriya Mund Memorial Gangadhar Meher Samman (2010) Dr. Nilamadhab Panigrahi Samman (2010) : By Sambalpur University, Jyoti Vihar, Orissa. Vacaspati Ganeswar Ratha Vedantalankar Samman (2013) : [http: //hkmeher.blogspot.in/2013/08/drharekrishna-meher-honoured-with.html] Viswa Sanskrit Divas Samman (2013) : [http: //hkmeher.blogspot.in/2013/08/dr-harekrishna-meher-felicitated-with.html])

The Best Poem Of Harekrishna Meher

Auspicious Dawn

Auspiciously came
Ushā, the blooming lotus-eyed dame,
in her heart cherishing keenly
thirst for a vision
of the virtuous Jā nakī
Bearing dew-pearls as presentation
in her hands of leafage,
standing forward
in the outer courtyard
of Sī tā ’s cottage,
in cuckoo’s tone spake she:
“O Chaste Lady!
Deign to give your sight;
Dawned the night.”

The saffron costume
of auroral shine,
flowers’ smiling bloom
and tranquil mien
make a room
in the mind to presume:
Some goddess of Yoga reaching the place,
by sweet words giving solace
calls to render relief
from pangs of grief.
From heaven on earth as if
has descended to bestow a new life.

Musical tune Zephyr sang swinging,
Black Bee played on lute charming.
By Ushā ’s bidding, in dance
rapt remained Fragrance.
Kumbhā tuā bird as a royal bard
began to eulogize forward.
As the panegyrist premier
Kalinga bird appeared there
and spake in voice gracefully sweet:
“Wake please,
O Queen of the empire of chaste ladies!
Dawned the night.”
* *
(Tapasvini, Canto-IV / 1-3)
(Translated from Gangadhara Meher’s Oriya epic-poem ‘Tapasvini’)

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Harekrishna Meher Popularity

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