All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter Poem by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter

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Manonton Dalan 02 February 2012

he could have been talking about south africa.

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Sylva Portoian 22 February 2010

All that is gold, does not glitter, A very old an common proverb Said by many ethnicities Knowing four languages I heard it many times As if I'm counting my hair. The rhyme of this poem says a lot more than a gold.

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Dillon M 04 March 2012

@ Yasmin A Just so ya know Tolkein wrote Lord of the Rings, and while, yes, your interpretation is true, that is only if you are taking it literrally with the context in the books. However, you must consider that Tolkien may have intended for this poem to have more than one meaning that is not confined to the context of Lord of the Rings, which is to say that all the other interpretations could be correct as well.

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Samuel Naser 27 February 2010

i love this poem i always have.

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Kay Mohamed 01 January 2010

Beautiful. So true, there is more to what our eyes see often than not. And the beauty is seeing it.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 15 April 2024

I have forgotten to number my comments, but they can be read from all directions, thank you. I have done my best for this Modern Poem Of The Day.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 15 April 2024

"All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter" by J.R.R. Tolkien, featured in The Fellowship of the Ring, explores several profound themes: Transformation: The poem suggests that not everything valuable or significant appears impressive at first glance.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 15 April 2024

Gold, which is highly prized, may not always glitter. Similarly, people or situations that seem ordinary or unremarkable can harbor hidden depths and potential for greatness. Emergence of Significance:

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Sylvia Frances Chan 15 April 2024

The lines "Not all those who wander are lost" emphasize that wandering or unconventional paths do not necessarily lead to aimlessness. Sometimes, the journey itself holds value,

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Sylvia Frances Chan 15 April 2024

and those who explore different routes may discover unexpected treasures. Preciousness of Common Things: The poem celebrates the strength of the old, the resilience of deep roots, and the potential for renewal.

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