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All Poets Of Poem Hunters Awake...Let Us Stop All The Wars

All Poets of The Poem Hunters
Awake on This Site-Let Us all Unite

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Teach Your Child Love, Yes, Nothing Else

Teach yours love, Yes, nothing else.
Talent will grow if love enters race.
Teach your child love, watch flowering life
In gardens, in deserts and in chilly space.

All Poets Awake To Stop Wars

How Unlucky The Poets Are...!

How unlucky the poets…are
They don't know
How unlucky they are…!

You are never Black
Hughes; You need a Hag

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a war for change..... change for survival.... survival and refrain from lies... to lie on paths paved for greatness... greatness sought not by good... 'cause good can only breathe... cant inhale the growth... one life one among for a change.. yes..essence of life

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Sylva Portoian 21 May 2012

All gifted poet... Join me here To stop the wars On this site at least Before we sigh away... We must apply our poetry To save humanity...! Please all join... I don't need marks... I have passed that stage My aim is to save lives...! Let us unite together Clap hands... And save lives...! This is part of our duty For which we are born To believe in our selves That we are gifted poets...!

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Sylva Portoian-Shuhaiber (Sylva-MD-Poetry) is a pediatrician trained in England, who has articles in well-known medical journals: The Lancet, Archives ...

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