Allah Poem by sallam yassin


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I bear witness that no god but Allah
I bear witness that Muhammad
His slave
The messenger of Allah
I bear witness Jesus
The messenger of Allah
And the son of Merriam
The word of Allah
And his spirit
fallen down for Miriam
I bear witness Abraham is the prophet of Allah
The father Of Isaac and Ismail
The grandfather of Israel-
The father of the prophet Joseph
I believe in the Day
Of judgment
Divine are
the two paths
To heaven
Or to hell
Twined is the hardship to peace
God the air as we breathe
Showing us
the patent
Of the power
And so
The earth that containing us
The rise of the sun
And the dusk
the Glimmer of stars
And the moon of night
This cycle of the day and night
The birds that fly in air freely
The heartbeat of the heart
The sight, the sound
And the sense in mind
The cells in their cycle of death and life
And the lever who recycling life
The knowledge the science
In signs as the rains fall
In the fall and snow
Or the ice who follow
In one leaf of life
Or in whole of life
In this universe of life
In all wherever to see
U will see
the almighty
Of god
One and unique
The great Allah
is the god

Shahzia Batool 04 August 2013

Strongly agreed! ! ! here poetry becomes a place or a form of worship...! ! ! all praises are due unto The Almighty! ! !

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Heather Wilkins 04 August 2013

I agree with Lasoaphia we are all children of this universe. so we must learn to live and love each other nice write

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 04 August 2013

You are so right. Allah or? There is only one God over us, only the religions are calling them on different names. We are all the children of the Universe and each of us has the energy in our heart what makes us move. Some people knows some don't, but I am with you. And only those people die, who cannot learn anymore.

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Sallam Yassin 01 August 2013

the faith is starting from the respect even when u don't understand and from love to wisdom that is around u even when u don't see without that love and respect be sure that you don't have the faith in ur heart.... don't try to lead the true just follow the true wish u the best Thomas

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sallam yassin

Hargeisa, Somaliland
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