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If God Sends My Maa For A While!
I shall lay my head on her knees
Believing that God must have cured her arthritic joints in heaven,
Then she will brush my hair with her fingers
And I shall tell her all my soul suffered from;
(anti-) Ageing!
A gentle soul once asked me here
to delete my Age and edit profile
I read it and just passed a smile
I do respect her but I ask:
I got a chance to meet You
in the feel of a moment
gripped in the crystalline abstraction
of a diamond bonding…
A Child's Supplication!
O Maker of this universe! ! ! ! !
Sought in silence, prose and verse!

Teach me Lord to sing Thy Praise
Million Daffodils
My vision is the azure sky
And dreams are Paradise
My dwelling is behind the wall
I’m hidden to probing eyes


A great poetess of modern age,thinker and cultivator of motivation.
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Bharati Nayak 19 January 2017
I came across a great treasure of good poems in your page.My words may fall too short to praise them.
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Akhtar Jawad 13 January 2016
Shazia Batool is a great English and Urdu poetess. I don't know why she appears like a blue moon on the skies of, but whenever she appears the skies are turned in a thing of beauty, a joy for ever.
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excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem
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Richard Beevor 07 May 2014
Love A Square Deal, excellent work about your country, thank you
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Richard Beevor 07 May 2014
On Life,3 lines that describe my school life perfectly, lovely work Shahzia, thank you
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Richard Beevor 06 May 2014
like your flow of words and lovely rhymes, thank you Shahzia
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Yash Shinde 03 May 2014
I have never felt so short of words, Withal I pray for thee, to the saviour aloft... To let not thy glory die with sun, But mayst thee rise from ashes like a phoenix, Whenever thy fabric is hurled to dust........! .....
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Ramesh Rai 11 March 2014
An unique poetess always no.1 of Pakistan. Most popular amongst world poets due to unique style of her writing. At present she is representing her country despite of so many obstacle. Any praise in her favor shall be least.
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Geetha Jayakumar 03 December 2013
Please don't call me plagiarist, If I steal some sweet words from your comments, As your readers and well wishers, Left with me no words to describe you. Poem You! Reflects your rays of thoughts, From crystalline ball radiating all over. Your pen is sharp and diamond tipped. Keen observer and amazing writer. Comes with truth in a unique way. Well versed in literature and a scholar too. Appreciative critic, an analyst and Kind hearted too. Your poems flow like fountain of music Which fills ones heart Both in Urdu and English too. Dec 1st beautiful day to be born with Many many Happy Returns of the day! God Bless you with longer life! Signing out is sad, Something unexpected from you! Once again waiting to take us on a tour to your Wonderful poems flowing In the garden of 2014. From sweet plagiarist
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Ramesh Rai 01 December 2013
Sister! I miss you a lot since you decided not to be seen If you can listen cry of my soul apathy of my ink as if dried only thinking of you for your pleasure a smile which you ever made your insight your vision where the life prosecute with full gleam. I agree disabledness of life is at every step but is never broken God will even loose all His existance if there is none to worship Whenever I turn your page my soul asks me to listen every new word sprouting from your soul yet to glister the world A man can return values of all loves even the debt of milk but love of a sister which is always selfless has no return except everlasting pleasures on her face
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Sallam Yassin 15 September 2013
As every gem in a nature unique Shahzia a diamond rear and unique breath of heaven Her poetry with hues of nature
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Payal Parande 13 August 2013
there is so much to tell about shahzia didi and her poetry but it would probably take months, but i'll try my best she is an authentic person and a poet her poems tell truth in a unique way, each word pure and and comes right from bottom of her heart, and you won't be disappointed a bit may you reach the infinity didi love payal
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Valsa George 20 June 2013
For Shahzia, poetry is an engulfing passion, yet she never allows herself to be carried away into the filmy world of illusions. She has her feet grounded on the realities of life and she looks at life squarely on the face. Bold and practical, confident and outspoken, she is uncompromising about values and fairness. Though progressive and modern in thinking, she clings onto the conventional teachings of religion and God and maintains deep respect for parents and teachers. Her deceased parents- an ever alive presence in many of her poems speak volumes about the felial gratitude, she has for those who made her what she is. She weaves her words around themes that are intimately personal, yet universal. My Scattered Thoughts- a poetic series bear ample testimony to it. It is an account of the inner struggle faced by man (the poet) in every day life, but the constant effort of an indomitable spirit to conquer it and prove himself/herself unassailable. I wish this gifted poet and critic all success! !
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Allemagne Roßmann 17 May 2013
For Shahzia Batool Sahibaan I will end with an Acrostic- - Saddle-tough simplicity is her attire Her tools of acquaintance toils in season Always quiet searching an indomitable within Her life in sublime verses black and white rowel Zoomed in and out the zebras run In extenuating her every characters Always welcomed wary of a clear conscience Be the snows still a mile more to shovel And be circumstances blaming on shoulders The joy of rhyme in leaps and spurs On quest of an oasis to Oil generated in the weather of work Lullaby in the hours of sentry
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Ramesh Rai 15 May 2013
Sister Shahzia Batool is a sweet and caring person. she can realise feelings of every one which is the best character of any poet/poetess. she has deep knowledge and well versed in literature. I wish for her prosperous life.
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Passionate Reader 02 April 2013
I have read all your poems and I strongly believe that you have a beautiful writing style. I always wait for your poems, read them because they truly depict human emotions and feelings. A true poet is the one whose poetry is comprehensible. I call your poetry “talking poetry “or “talking verses”. You made your poetry “talk” as it speaks to the reader which is a great accomplishment. Your firm control of language shows your genius, your exceptional intellectual or creative power or natural ability. Although your poetry is simple but it is loaded with meanings. I just love to explore the underlying meanings of your apparently simple poetry. One of my favourite poems is DISCOVERY. It has a lovely theme. Keep writing and stay blessed! ! !
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Aftab Alam Khursheed 17 February 2013
I read some where when eyes are lost, sight is lost, if vision is lost every thing is lost...Shahzia's insight vision is very strong, Her poetry maps the thought of the society (present) , She is restless in her poetry, and creats a movement on the thought of the reader
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Heather Wilkins 09 December 2012
It is my pleasure to know and work with Shahzia Batool. She is a sweet, kind, caring person. She is a person with a wealth of knowledge, and a heart full of love. Yet very humble in spirit. She is Editor of our poetry site, The Hearts of Global Poetry. A delight to have her working with us. Also a poetess of excellence. May everything she touches turn to gold. lu Shahzia
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Sun Shine 26 November 2012
shahzia batool is one of the extraordinary poets and there is no exaggeration in it.. I adore her poems by heart.she has a beautiful way of expression.. As a person she is very soft spoken, kind hearted and always ready to help others out. Proud to be her niece. :) Fizzah! !
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