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my body age is 45
but the age of my soul is much more
the home of my body is the earth
but my soul passion is the universe
i see what we share
as human
like foundation
the difference
as comparative companion
the journey of life
payment of the completion
sallam yassin

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A Lonely Tree

At a road where the road off
where lonesome is a road
at mid of no where
A lonely tree is standing there


For Me Mother Is The World

Mother is not a word
Mother is the world
Love is her award

Ink Of My Poetry

Moon and night
Dark and light
On a sheet of soul
Your ink

Black Butterfly

Who can ignore
Your beauty?
Black butterfly
Beneath the flowers

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15 February 2015

من رحم المحن يولد الابطال

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Shahzia Batool 04 August 2013

Poetry serves for those who use it meaningfully, creatively and substantially...and you are one among them...all heart-writes! ! ! thank you so much for your support and kind words which are encouraging for all of us! ! ! regards.

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Farah Ilyas 29 June 2013

Spell of your poetry binds the readers as such, breath sticks to life...u r Great poet indeed

3 0 Reply
Raechael Woodroof 28 November 2012

while your works may sting the senses of those who willingly stay blinded, they are as a breath of fresh air to me.

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