Thursday, June 27, 2013

Allah My Allah

Allah, my Allah
Where are you?
I’ve come, all the way
To your home-‘Kaaba’–
‘Mere Allah ka Ghar- -
Home of my God!

Storming wind plays with sands
Blowing and sweeping:
When acacia shrubs
Swayed in the desiccated hot breeze
Didn’t I pay attention to you whispering?
“Don’t cry, my child; don’t try dying of tears”
“How can you say so, my Allah?
When I had so much of pain in the heart?
You beckoned my dear ones in this world
Why Allah, Why did you do it to me? ”

“Cry not, my child,
You’re close to me
You’re mine, a spark of the flame,
A reflection of me
Near to my heart, dear to my soul,
Stop, please stop sobbing,
I’m here to wipe your tears! ”
Twinkling stars lighted up
His sky home was illuminated
Glittering lamps gazed down
Showering down blissful blessings

Seeing the full moon smiling
Cruising across the sky
I moved across the Arabian Desert
Searching for the holy nectar
To quench my anguished soul

I’ve reached your home
To see you, my Allah
Merging in the ocean of humanity
In the ocean of luminosity
I want you to cure my aching heart
Bless me Allah, by your magical touch
Deep, bleeding, wounds of my spirit
Allah, my Allah, where’re you?

Sky cascaded pearly jewels
Rained down celestial waters
A Niagara of brilliance showering down
From the heaven above
Inundating Kaaba, the abode of Allah

Bridging with the heavenly abode
Holy Kaaba, my Allah Ka Ghar
To the sky dome—the sky home of my Allah!
Allah! My Allah! Where are you?
Aren’t you there in your heavenly abode?
In the glistening moonlight
The plains of Arafat
At Masjid al-Haram Mosque
Draped in Ihram
White un-hemmed two sheets of cloth
Kissed the black stone of Kaaba
I joined the praying humanity
Circumambulating Kaaba
Seven times anticlockwise
Performing the holy Tawaf praying!

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!
Wa lil Lahi Ahmad! ”
“In the name of God,
God is great! God is great! God is great!
And praise to be to God! ”

“I’m like Abraham
You asked him to leave Hagar, his wife
Asked him to sacrifice his son Ishmael
I’ve to drink waters from the Well of Zam Zam
From that Holy Well, Angel Gabriel dug
Scraping sand with tip of his wing
Where water sprang gushing through thirsty sand!

I went to Mina, at the Mount Arafat
The Hill of forgiveness
Performed Ramy al-Jamarat
The Stoning of the Devil
Praying to thee, thy name, slept not
Whole night spent in thy prayers
Performed Eid al-Adha
The ritual of animal sacrifice too

Didn’t I perform Tawaf again at Kaaba
In the undulating waves of humanity
In the light of moving white waves
I’m looking for you Allah, praying
I want your blessings!
Allah, my Allah, where are you?

I want to see you now
Your pearly smile
I want to feel you, now
Your divine touch
I want to listen to you, now
Your soothing words
And inhale your divine fragrance
To my lungs full—the musk of Eden
Allah, my Allah; now where are you?

You say, you’re in every cell of me
Your splendour, thy divine energy
Let the power of your invisible
Invincible love flow through me
Let it be pumped through my blood
Let it be throbbing in my pulse beats
Let it, let it, my Allah
Let it breathe in and out of me!
I want always you in me
In every tick that ticks in my heart
Till it is done
All the ticks of the clock
That you presented at birth

“Labbaek, Allahumma Labbaek.
Labbaek, la shrike laka, Labbaeka.
Inna hamda wa nemata
laka wal mukkala sharika laka”
“Oh, Allah, here I am.
Here I am in thy presence.
Thou hast no equal. Here I am.
All praise for thee
And from thee are blessings.
To thee belongs all power
And rule though art without parallel.”

Heaven showered light like flowers
In the splendour of the divine bliss
I beseech you, let me be forgiven
Forgive me, Hamzah
Didn’t I hear my Allah’s whisper from me;
“All mysteries of the world
Are absorbed in you
Your Allah, sent you Al-Quran
Your Hajj is over, now you’re a Hajji!
Look inwards, begin again, a new search for me
Look deep, deeper and still deeper
In you, till you find me:
I’m there, in you
In the holy Kaaba of your heart
Like an invisible bird, nested in your soul
There I am tweeting
I’m there for you, and with you, forever! ”
I do things for some reasons,
Which I cannot tell you now,
But you’ll know, when the time is ripe,
There’s a cause and a reason
For everything, I did
And all was done for a purpose!

DATED; 27/06/2013

kp. shashidharan
It is nice narration of Hajj.But some editing is needed out of deviations made in the belief of Muslims.
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