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Love Games On The Valentine Day

Our hunt
To find the right partner
Mr Right and Ms Right
Ended in the cyber world

Outsourcing Love

In a world where only
Money matters
Buzzword is outsourcing
Business of body, mind, intellect

Allah My Allah

Allah, my Allah
Where are you?
I’ve come, all the way
To your home-‘Kaaba’–

Painting Symphony (Exotic Fiction In Verses)

PAINTING SYMPHONY is uniquely created as an exotic fiction in verses. The verses weave a unique web of a fantasy world—a poetic Garden of Eden. Painters, musicians, poets, singers, ballet dancers join the other characters in the Opera of Life. The actors relish consuming the forbidden and non-forbidden fruits of life. The poetic landscape reflects different shades of human emotions—love, envy, lust, greed, lie, betrayal, treachery, corruption and crime. The fiction is honey-dipped in reality, striving to be ecstatic, philosophical and erotic at times, depending on the theme.

The story begins with a few brushstrokes of colours to the universal human emotions. The painter uses an unusual medium—the pristine canvas of the flowing watery bosom of the River of Time! When colours are poured on desires, they bloom into flowers, and flow in the waves of time, like surrealistic paintings of liquid dreams. Many a lyric of the heart gets choked in the throat unsung. The silence of melancholy outpours spontaneously and sporadically in music compositions.

Cultural Cocktail

In the ancient land of tribes
Of Algonquian and Iroquois
Where tribes and buffaloes
Multiplied their breed

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K.P. Shashidharan, is an alumnus from the London School of Economics, member of the Indian Audit & Accounts Service, a premier higher civil service in the country (India) . He is currently working as Director General in the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. He is well-known in the audit fraternity; has addressed academic, p ...

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