Almighty Mother Nature Poem by Francis Duggan

Almighty Mother Nature

The Homo Sapiens who lived in caves on mountains
Of the success of their descendants could not have visualized
And even today the most intelligent species
At their achievements even seemed surprised.

Even since the first man walked on the Moon's surface
Mankind in technology has come a long way
But has Human achievements peaked with the computer
Who is to know can anybody say?

But than the Humankind there is one greater
And her's will always be a greater fame
You see her change her colours with the Seasons
'Almighty Mother Nature' is her name

And Mother Nature has so many children
The fish and marvellous mammals of Rivers and Seas
The animals of Land and all the wild birds
Who sing their songs and build nests on her trees.

And Humankind despite their great achievements
Belong to Nature it would seem to me
For all humans one day go to the Grim Reaper
But Mother Nature lives eternally.

A pleasant walk in Mother Nature's garden
A thing of beauty is a thing of joy
The little lark is singing whilst ascending
As up to the fleecy world of clouds he fly.

And carolling ever carolling he flies upwards
Till he becomes a small speck in the sky
And you still hear him sing though the tiny bird has vanished
Beyond the reaches of the human eye.

Were I a Bard I'd sing for Mother Nature
Of her Summer, Autumn, Winter and her Spring
And though Humankind can boast of great achievements
Of Nature I would much prefer to sing.

Yes Humankind have come far since the cave days
But our achievements must be seen as small
When compared to Almighty Mother Nature
Who lives on as the greatest force of all.

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