Alone... Poem by Me, Myself and I



How can I let you walk away?

To leave me yet again without a trace,

As all I hold here in my hands, is your memory,

We was once so happy, and you told me that to my face,

But now you're gone...

Taken everything,

All I have left now, is this empty space,

As I stand here and watch you leave,

Dragging my heart with you as I greave,

These tears, the rivers, they taint my face,

For death would be a wanton release, I'd gladly beg my god for,

As you rip my heart from within its cage,

You were the only one that ever believed in me,

I hold my head in my hands, as it's now far too late to see,

That you where maybe, the one for me,

You were always there when I needed you,

Your beauty, your walk, your grace,

But now I know deep inside, I'll never again see your face,

As you close this door on me,

And leave me on this floor forever wanting more,

Me myself and I...

Thursday, October 6, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: alone,angel
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