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So then you left…

In a heap, lying on the floor,

Can I play with madness….

Locked up, and knocked up,


For I prayed to the gods,

Without a trace…

It was you…

I remember your smell so much,

Humming Bird...

The clock strikes the hour and again I recite your name,

Dreaming of you,

For every night she waltz's into my dreams,

The word is out,

And it's bad...

Angel 101,

An unspoken name I hold so close, I continue to howl this at the pale moon nightly,


How can I let you walk away?

As the sun slowly pokes its sleepy head out from behind the earth,

Its golden fingers begin their ballet over our crumpled sheets,


For Is it all in the mind?

The Older I get… (A statement)

The Older I get,

Man on the moon, A reprise 2018.

Sitting here alone, staring forever into this darkness,

A place only we once knew,

Once upon a time we were the secret,


This turmoil that I feel inside,

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Hi, I write poetry in my spare time, I don’t write as much as I used to as most of my time is spent now penning short stories, however I do post the odd poem now and again. I hope that you enjoy them. MMI)

The Best Poem Of Me, Myself and I

Then You Left

So then you left…

In a heap, lying on the floor,

I lie, panting, wanting so much more,

For you have all but gone,

The fairytale is over...

And I start to humm our song,

The erotic thoughts I still think,

Our glasses we drank from,

Are still lying in the sink,

Your smell on my clothes,

Makes me start to think,

But now your gone,

I hear the door slam,

And the taxi pull away,

And its all over,

Over before I had time to blink,

What the hell happened? ?

Or did I say out-loud what I think? ?

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Lars Haris 26 April 2011

you good but theres always the best

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Datwane Shelburn 02 October 2012

he can you read my peom and tell wat you think? thanks

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Khushi Gajjar 06 June 2012

This all are not the answer to my FIND.

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Floy Dy Ra Aka Floyd Floydson 18 September 2013

I did a very funny poem about Me, Myself and I yesterday - please enjoy! best regards Floyd Floydson [3

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Metin Sahin 04 November 2010

I am a famous tuyrkish poet.My name is Metin Ş AHİ N.Please promote me to enter the worled list.

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Cara Crombie 10 December 2018

I love hanging out with my friends and just enjoying life and living it to the fullest!

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personal info- anonymous 05 November 2018

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harrison 22 October 2018

I'm British very brave not racist I like similes I love London and big ben

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Sumira Sarai 24 July 2016

Much love to you fellow poet

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