Angel 101 Poem by Me, Myself and I

Angel 101

Angel 101,

An unspoken name I hold so close, I continue to howl this at the pale moon nightly,

Calling her name out loud, as forever I'm trying to summon down a superhero to me,

Alas...For she knows who she is,

If only she would answer my voice...

The louder I shout, the more the silence hurts,

As a forgotten angel she alone, walks on this plane amongst us,

Someone who could dry these bitter tears with just a glimpse of her smile,

With such beauty, the prettiest flowers would wilfully wilt and die in her presence,

As the crescendo of her voice sings out louder than an angelic choir,

The clarity of this voice would even make the deaf man weep in the street,

But I'm forced to watch from afar mesmerised, as she walks away from me,

Committing every man to blindness,

Swept away and totally broadsided by her beauty,

She falls from me,

Like a moth to a flame, she disappears before me,

Engulfed in less than a second,

For it's all over in just a puff of smoke,

As was this just a dream? ?

Or did I really just meet an angel....

Me Myself and I.

Monday, October 19, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: angels ,loss,love,love and friendship,love and life
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