H.O.M.E Poem by Me, Myself and I


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For I prayed to the gods,

And I begged them to forgive me,

Forever forgotten, as my personal church was set ablaze,

I had wondered alone from the flock,

And hope that one day, someone will understand,

As I swirl alone inside my prison fighting this madness,

Bouncing off the walls of regret that have kept me prisoner,

Screaming aloud at the decisions I made, but now silenced by my pain,

A forgotten man, cast out from your church I kneel before you,

Your bright light that has shone, Is now lost,

You have left me all but a child,

Naked, and an alien to this world,

Hiding in my corner cowering, clutching my favourite toy,

Too afraid to move, and petrified of the darkness,

Cast out from the light, your words they set me ablaze,

My wings engulfed by the flames,

Never again to fly the same,

On my bloodied knees now, wrapped together with my cursed soul,

I hit rock bottom,

For I have fallen but the voices, they will still follow,

They hit far harder than sticks and stones,

Winded by the fall,

My armour lies nearby in tatters,

As the dust begins to settle and I glance around,

I finally realise one thing, before the voices find me again,

For this is my world,

This is my H.O.M.E! !

I realise now, that I never left…

Me myself and I

Mike Barrett 14 December 2013

A beautiful insight - thanks for sharing. I see each of us as spiritual beings - each a Soul, a particle of the consciousness of the IT IS. Some of us are more aware of this that others, and that, I believe, because we are old Souls and have gained a more profound insight into our beingness. If interested in exploring more of our beingness, our knowingness, check out a few of my poems - they deal with growing our knowingness as we move through our eternal journey. Cheers!

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Me Myself And I... 29 August 2016

Thank you for your kind comments...: -)

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Spock The Vegan 13 January 2016

A very thought provoking poem. Well done.

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Me Myself And I... 29 August 2016

Thank you for your comment. : -) Live long and prosper....

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Me Myself And I... 29 August 2016

Thank you for your comment.: -)

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Hemendra Singh Deopa 29 September 2015

I loved your poem, it's beautiful

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Me Myself And I... 29 August 2016

Hi, thank you for your comment.: -)

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Bharati Nayak 13 August 2015

H.O.M.E- -This disjointed home is really the home the poet aspires to be jointed together-as he realises he has never left it when he says- -I realise now, that I never left- Me myself and I Me myself and I

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Kelly Kurt 06 April 2015

A well written and meaningful poem. I shall mark it as a favorite. Peace.

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Me Myself And I... 29 August 2016

Thank you for your comment, I am glad that you enjoyed my scribble.: -)

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