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Alone, But Not Completely

Rating: 4.3

If I live alone anytime, then I can say that I'm not completely alone Simply because I choose I choose a certain way In which I stay with myself anytime... To be alone means To be lonely For ever and ever, but As for me things are different In their form and in their content anytime... I can not stay away from people Simply because I love to be with people anytime... We can not live alone For ever and ever Simply because we need to feel life's great beauty and Its wonderful rhythm anytime... I love people anytime, anywhere, and everywhere.... ____________________________________________________________________

Friday, November 7, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: lifestyle

A good poem on lonliness where survival becomes impossible hence one needs company.I enjoyed your thoughts Skati.Please have a glance on My new poem Allah Hoo. Col Muhammad Khalid Khan

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Cee Bea 07 November 2014

We are never alone, encompassed by the world we live in, the vanities of man exclude that fact. You are indeed very insightful, when I feel alone at times, I come here, and I don't feel so alone with people of like minds. Thank you for this thought, sometimes we wonder if they matter, they do good Sir

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