Alone In The Darkness Poem by Aloke Mukherjee

Alone In The Darkness

I can not see the blue of the sea now,
the night sits down with her black cape
thrown all over me with sweetest caresses.
In the pervading black, I can see
phosphorescence gleaming on the wave
like some weird fire-flies flying into the night.

Indeed, I can hear only the howl of the gale
blowing over viscid gloom, roaring of thousand
lions with pent-up fury in the sea. The waves bare
their white teeth like the skulls of unknown faith.

Now, in the fading darkness, the waves are slow,
growl and howl are dozing, in the simmering night
waves slowly breaking down on the beach. I can now
see them.I can see the vague outline of life behind
the curtain, a lonely drunk singing in his baritone,
the cliffhanger is still there, but soon he will not be.

Now, the tamarisks on the shore wailing like a
forsaken love, seeking the hands of her consort
sudden pang gripped me, a wind blows with a
howl out into the sea, you never know what,

Night stops for few moments, stoop low for kisses
I stand alone in the darkness for an eternity
I hold for moments, you and me is one for this voyage.

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