Monday, May 29, 2006

Alpha And Omega


When ages in our world were young,
And man stepped lightly ‘round,
For fear of waking sleeping beasts,
So they talked without a sound.
God of Wisdom, God of Love,
Both fought for upper hand,
But when the world was cleav’d in two,
They each took share of land.

North was split from centre rift,
And South was much the same,
Yet each still fought for triumph’s praise,
For she was theirs to claim.
Wisdom South and Love was North,
There is no reason why
Should one prefer one portion,
For they both shared the same sky.


Ringed with eloquence and time,
He bade his workforce work,
“Build towns and cities none have seen! ”
He proclaimed with quiet smirk.
And so his people followed him,
And did what he did ask,
They began great feats of engineering,
As each turned hands to task.

Sounds of hammers mending steel
Rang out across the state,
And buildings now up-standing,
As stone did congregate.
“Look now, ye fair people, mine!
Stop and turn your eyes to me!
For this great deed that you have done,
You shall all be free! ”

And so his people wandered,
With houses, stone and wood,
While buildings rose against the sun,
But He misunderstood.
What they did want was not of stone,
Nor sand nor stick nor fire,
What they sought was not of substance,
But happiness, desire…


Sat atop his golden mount,
As he rode throughout the sky,
He watched his public sing in praise,
And smiled as they passed by.
“Together we are happy, yes? ”
And his nation nodded swift,
With glowing teeth he went ahead,
Thinking on their gift.

Everyone, with Him was calm,
They lived with simple grace,
No steel for war or goods or wares,
With quiet, upward face.
“My eyes do like their view,
Smiling features bowed my way.”
He talked more towards himself than them,
As he danced through hill and bay.

But he also was blind to see,
Which way their minds were cast,
They prized of their exclusive mood,
And together they would last.
But thoughts began to drift away,
Their lives were somehow bare,
Bereft of skills and craftsmanship,
Lacking artist’s flair…


The North heard with open ears,
The voices from the South,
Sounds of disagreement rising,
To them from word of mouth.
The South was not much different, too,
For they heard the North protest,
Love and Wisdom did what they could,
But truce had not yet dressed.

They argued for eternities,
Their backs turned to the world,
Bickering and silly insult,
Back and forth were hurled.
They quarrelled many ages,
Through ice and bronze and stone,
Throwing rocks in childish storm,
With subtle, quiet groan.

While the Gods fought high above them,
And time did slowly tick,
North and South, divided still,
Drew plans both smart and quick.
Together working greatly,
Fellowship and smile,
They drew the Earth together,
Into one great, massive isle.

When Love and Wisdom turned and stopped,
Their fighting at a space,
They saw the world as one great ship,
And observed the human race.
“Such grand designs of pleasure! ”
Said one unto the other,
“And emotion running broad! ”
And they span upon another.

Silent exchange was then passed on,
And together did they glide,
To leave humanity alone,
Glowing golden pride.


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