Rookie (16.03.89 / Doncaster, England)

Daegal Poems

1. Borne 5/29/2006
2. On Spying The Fiddler Atop The Hill 5/29/2006
3. By My Angel's Dying Tears 5/29/2006
4. I, Moonchild 5/29/2006
5. Lady Winter 5/29/2006
6. Lotus 5/29/2006
7. The Fevered Moon 5/29/2006
8. The Void Between Science And God 5/29/2006
9. Imperilled Orb 5/30/2006
10. Sins Of A Father 5/29/2006
11. The Devil And The Mirror 5/29/2006
12. Vempyre And The Ailing Orchid 5/29/2006
13. O Sweet Nemesis, For Thee A Claret Sunrise 6/5/2006
14. That Which Enthused Onyx To Lament Catharsis 6/5/2006
15. When Travelling To Celestria, I Glimpsed Venom Clad In Dusk 6/6/2006
16. Utopia Whispered Fugue In The Thunder 6/8/2006
17. Voodoo Princess, Here Lies Your Marionette 6/9/2006
18. The Stolen Kiss And A Tragic Encore 6/12/2006
19. Clandestine And Furtive Magick 7/26/2006
20. Eyes Of The Nebula 7/27/2006
21. The King's Acrobat 8/12/2006
22. If I Run, Should I Fall? 8/14/2006
23. Queen Of A Cruel Fate 8/15/2006
24. The Fading Cannon's Cry 8/15/2006
25. In Chimera Shall We Recollect: Imagea Fantastica - Canto No.6: Spiders! 8/15/2006
26. Only A Fool 8/29/2006
27. Nighttimes And The Silence (Acrostic) 8/31/2006
28. Under Pain Of Salvation 9/1/2006
29. Impure And Guilty Was I, And Punished So 7/5/2006
30. Moonlight And Surrogate Rites 7/7/2006
31. A Dreamer Thick In Dreaming 7/26/2006
32. 'Only This And Nothing More.' 7/26/2006
33. Another God? 9/5/2006
34. ...And Born Of Light 9/7/2006
35. Waking The Gods 9/8/2006
36. Invisible Hero 9/8/2006
37. Let Me Sleep 9/10/2006
38. Replica 9/13/2006
39. Painting Thought 10/10/2006
40. Argos And Aversion 10/17/2006

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  • Sarah O Neill (4/4/2012 9:43:00 AM)

    great poem, its really good. your really good at this, i would love to read more of your poems if you have any!

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Best Poem of Daegal

Half The World

Half the world lives,
Half the world makes,
Half the world gives
While the other half takes.

Half the world hates,
Half the world runs away,
Half the world's late,
Half the world praises the day.

Half the world is,
Half the world was,
Half the world thinks,
Half the world does.

Half the world lies,
Half the world burns,
Half the world cries
While the other half turns.

Half the world cares,
Half the world weeps,
Half the world shares,
Half the world keeps.

Half the world sings,
Half the world ...

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Sins Of A Father

Locked away for uncertain time,
Mindful of King Minos’ crime,
In a tower that stretch’d high beyond,
And hope of escape was something fond,
But soon he jointly tied the plume,
Large and small, within the room,
He quickly made, of wax and thread,
A set of wings which proudly spread.

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