' Am I A Dolphin Girl? ... ' Poem by MoonBee Canady

' Am I A Dolphin Girl? ... '

Rating: 2.7

The Blue Body of Water
The Green Scene Of The Sea
Has Always Appealed
And Been Restful For Me

The Moving of The Waves
The Sparkle and The Foam
Into Its Depth I Dove
Swimming Home …

Maybe I’m A Dolphin Girl
Maybe I Belong Sea-World
I Am Drawn To The Deep
Aquamarine That Seeps

… I Want To Touch
A Great White Shark
Sit Atop
A Whale’s Back and Park …

Beside A Great
Red Coral Reef
I Want Gold Gills
To Water-Breathe

As Scuba Divers
Swim To and Fro
Looking At Me
Breathe In Awe!

… And Float and Get
Tickled By Seaweeds
Then Swim Around
With Fishlike Speed …

To The Surface
With A Giant Pearl
(Maybe I Am
A Dolphin Girl!)

And Then I’ll Butterfly
To The Shore
Dry In The Sun
As I Soak Up More …

Warmth and Beauty
Of The Cove
And Liquid
Visions Of …

The Blue Body Of Water
The Green Scene Of The Sea
And An Apple Martini
And Shrimp and Sushi …

Written & ©: 10/10/10

By: MoonBee

Brian Jani 09 June 2014

This is a good poem

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Jim Cunningham 10 October 2010

the title of this caught my eye-perhaps the desire to return to the sea is universal

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