Katy Tuten

Rookie (February 7,1994 / Augusta, GA)

Amelia Lebenone - Poem by Katy Tuten

I walk alone in this still sleep,
Haunting images cause the children to weep
The cries and screams fill the room
While this stiff bride kisses the moon

The screams fade into silence and muffled cries
She is bright and mysterious in this world of lies
Her rose red lips stitched together
Her hair as black as the raven's feathers

Her skin so pale and cold makes the demons fear the bold
Dry ice fills her essence, her dress be stained with mold
Her eyes are like burning saphires, twice the pain and price
for your soul she feeds on, she tricks you with sugar and spice

Her veil drags on the ground with every dancing step
towards your death, you look up at her from the tears you 've wept
I watch from the shadows as she slices your throat
You say ' I do ' as you start to choke

Blood pours down and stains your clothes red
This mourning starts now from the dying dead
She rips our your veins from your neck,
black liquid drizzles down, your a brutal reck

As she pulls out your veins, your body splits in two
The blood seeps into this plagued ground and makes this world anew
She drills her fingers in your eyeballs and rips them out quick
I stare horrified at this scene before me as she starts to lick

The blood off you fingers and puts on your ring
She grabs your hair and lifts your head, can't you hear the angels sing?
She kisses your lips and tounges your mangled body with greed
She lusts for your soul, your putred seed

Her stitched lips are open wide and stained with your blood
Her forked tounge licks away what used to be a flood
She leaves you there on the ground
Your twitching body lies here not making a sound

You are left as a vegetable corpse
Your bones shall grow back slowly, your nails shall be like forks
This pain you shall endure for your life is stained with sin
You shall live with this nightmare, even when your skin

is turned to ash, the snow that fills the sky
Every day your body will fry
This eternal darkness holds these many stories,
All of them are to be bloody and gory

Her name is Amelia Lebenone
This is the story that she has sewn

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