America Poem by Cleveland W. Gibson


Rating: 3.5

As the lights go out in the theatre of life then there in tinsel town I see drama, the strife grow with crowds around who never act slow because this is America a country full of care. Take Elvis Presley, a man I never met, an American through and true, a singer nobody can forget. But so many other feelings rise up within me and still I've only to look in history to see that steely will. The cowboys of old gave us that spirit, their aim to conquer all, help the neighbours, plant the crop and survive each day to walk extra tall. When there 's gold in the hills and life so full of thrills and spills, it's then we know where we are. Best of the best and a hail from the rest for that country America, America,
The End

Birgitta Abimbola Heikka 26 March 2014

Nice poem. Like the rhythm. But thought a few changes will do some good. 1. Instead of Take Elvis Presley, in the second line, you can say, “I remember Elvis Presley that famous man I never met. Or something different. 2. On 4th line, where you wrote I've only to look in history, should it be to look back in history. My favorite line: When there's gold in the hills and life's so full of thrills and spills. I quite agree with you.

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