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Charity Nduhiu 15 July 2014

wow such a nice poem Gibson. Keep up

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Night Of The Unicorn

The day I saw the Unicorn
was like the day my
precious baby was born. I
remember the scintillating
sound of bells, the snow in
summer (yes) on the
breeze, and how the trees
whispered 'good luck' to us
all across an ocean and a
thousand bucking seas.
The Unicorn wandered one
night into my garden filled
with moonlight bright,
and it caused the flowers
to show their love of the
softest of creatures I
know: Dill went waving and
the wild flowers said with
strange sound of cathedral
bells. But why did it come
to my garden small, to see
me I thought with delight.
And when the Moon
beamed and gave me a
wink, then I knew it was
God's plan, at least that's
what I think. If when it
happens do please pause
to say a prayer, expect
good things from God. Well
He is always there.Friend.

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01 May 2018

Don't wait for Blue Skies in the morning: start your planning now.

01 May 2018

Don't take it for granted that Heroes don't cry: they do because they are human, like us.

08 May 2018

Heaven must be good: nobody comes back here.

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