See Me, See You Poem by Cleveland W. Gibson

See Me, See You

Rating: 5.0

You sit in the surreal
garden of your mind,
watching the epic
sky. But you never
bother with the sunset
or that rain shower or
grey clouds on high.

It has often made me
wonder when you look,
then look through me
Do you see a boy in
love? I fear I'm nothing
if you look through me.

So long I've waited in
deep shadow, thinking
change will come to
you. It doesn't. No
wonder I feel blue.

My heart longs for you
to share the fine things
of life but first you
must see your dream
so filled with strife. Life
is never easy, a reality
or never make-believe.

One day I'll dream the
veil across your eyes
will fall. It's when it
does you'll see me. I've
waited too long for the
happening, waited to
cry out with joy. That
dream. How wonderful
if you first notice me.

Then see yourself. After
that dare I hint you'll
see me, thee and a
bonny baby as two
plus one is three.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Mensah Abraham Afedzi 16 April 2014

lovely, great piece.keep it up

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