America Is Poem by David Welch

America Is

America is freedom,
a lighthouse upon the sea,
showing there's another way
then the storms of tyranny.

America is liberty,
written right into the laws,
it's those who worship power
that people call out as flawed.

America is hard work,
stretching limits of what we do,
incentivized self-interest
builds things that we never new.

America is family,
bonds of love to last all time,
building a place where they can
live without actors malign.

America is knowledge,
the place where people say, "Hell yes!
Who the heck says it can't done?
Until it is we won't rest! "

America is tempered strength,
we may be nice but we're not weak,
live and let live, but if you don't
we will make your future bleak.

America is striving
to be better than before,
slavery, discrimination
were once here but are no more.

America is forgiveness
to the misguided once war ends,
we once despised the Japanese,
now they are beloved friends.

America means we're equal
in our opportunities,
none can guarantee outcomes,
it's for us the day to seize.

America is history,
a proud past of lessons true,
that tell the tale of freedom,
what to do and not to do.

America is rule of law,
the secret of real success,
when you protect folk's property,
they feel free to do their best.

America is moral trade,
nothing compelled, nothing forced,
both sides have to see benefits
or one will head for the door.

America is majesty,
a multitude of grand landscapes,
desert, forest, prairie, peaks,
beauty that makes the jaw gape.

America assimilates,
wants the best of all who come,
recognizes tribalism
is self-destructive and dumb.

America is open faith,
no matter what faith you prefer,
and setting off a worship space
that the state cannot disturb.

America is free speech,
free assemble, votes, and guns,
because when these things go away,
you can't live as a real human.

America is greatness,
the best mankind has yet achieved,
where you can live your truest life,
and not grovel on your knees.

Saturday, June 27, 2020
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