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Discrimination - Poem by Adelaide Rhead

Why do you think you're better
If your culture is not the same?
Yes, maybe you seem different
But deep inside all are the same.

Why do they think they're better?
If one is black and one is white,
If one is man and one is woman.
They are the same, that is their right.

If one is straight and one is gay,
They are no different, just the same
If one is Christian and one is Jew,
All come from God, we are the same.

So, get to know all people,
And show them what you think and do,
You'll see how others live their lives.
When you like them, then they'll like you.

If one learns to understand
And respect all points of view,
Then peace on Earth must surely come
It is up to you. And you. And you....

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  • Carolina Smith 9/24/2020 10:26:00 PM

    How would defined discrimination in your poem? Reply

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  • stacey 5/7/2020 5:34:00 AM

    oh my god its amazing if the person who wrote this well done I wish I could wright a poem as good as this one
    well done! ! !

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    I don't get it Reply

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  • Suck my nan 9/24/2018 11:31:00 AM

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Discrimination Poems

  1. 'Discrimination'

    Racism a nasty word that conjures thoughts of oppressive deeds made by man because of creed. Discrimination another one that binds our minds and sharpens tongues because of some elitist thought that's unjust and plainly wrong. Fighting wars because of God? Trampling on the underdog. But we have legislation to banish discrimination. 'Equal opportunity' is the current phrase; our incantation. The rules and laws are needed where some of us would dare to think in ways that denigrate others on this Earth; our place. Racism? There is just one human race no matter what form the face. And discrimination a faculty we all posses to separate what's bad from best. Discrimination would be good if it were used for what it does; revealing what unites ALL of us.

  2. Discrimination

    I don’t mind the human race. I’ve got pretty used to them In these past twenty-five years. I don’t mind if they sit next To me on streetcars, or eat In the same restaurants, if It’s not at the same table. However, I don’t approve Of a woman I respect Dancing with one of them. I’ve Tried asking them to my home Without success. I shouldn’t Care to see my own sister Marry one. Even if she Loved him, think of the children. Their art is interesting, But certainly barbarous. I’m sure, if given a chance, They’d kill us all in our beds. And you must admit, they smell.

  3. In Racial Discrimination

    Not we alone But entire one And world as whole Thrives for unity call Only some of the countries Undergo miseries Create law and order problem And finally be victim of racial disorder Now it has added religion fervor That finds no place with honor Yet terrorists kill innocent people and children They are either killed or forcefully driven out Despite all such adversity We are working on humanity We provide help and boost their morale Expose their woes and worst kind of tale Race, color and religion It has always dominated regions Whole of the worlds remains affected In such kind of turmoil, we have always positively acted

  4. George Floyd's Death - A Time To Do Away With Discrimination

    Never had this reflection even in the deepest and lightest of my imagination, ever occurred that the name and memory of just one man called George Floyd would be echoing in every corner, in every State of America though he was not a President though he was not a Mayor but just a black man who died due to the folly of a Policeman who himself had forgotten to uphold the procedure of law and justice towards whom he had chosen to arrest. And though George Floyd never had stardom, and though he was not even popular, neither had he ever been to the White House yet in death he became so famous that his name keeps vibrating all over America and all over the world as every city cringes with pain, with anger, with protests as a vent to their agony and frustration as George Floyd died without mercy though he kept saying: I cant breathe, I cant breathe, and no one showed any concern or compassion while he was struggling to live and be alive. Who does not want to survive? who does not want to ever die without dignity? And as people keep recollecting the final end of George Floyd, they keep asking themselves- how can they accept to forget or forgive such a horrific act where an unarmed black man was treacherously held under the knees of a cop who paid no heed when he told him - I cant breathe, I cant breathe; yes he was just one single black man without a gun, without a chance to run and the cops were watching calmly his helplessness. And as the protests keep rising now everywhere, it is people's way of asking about the safety of their own existence, their own tomorrow and whether they will have dignity to die or will they be victims of brutality if their brethren is black in color, will they also face such an end like George Floyd? But as every crime has a rule book, every country must follow the rules and laws with those who impose crime on others, whether it is the cop on duty who lacked conscientiousness or whether it is the discrimination that burns like a slow fire hurting the image of human beings who are black in color.