American Woman Poem by Elliott Rosenberg

American Woman

American Woman
- - - - - - - - - -

Standing before your deliberating presence,
Obscurely hidden in robust form;
My eyes thirst,
To quench the fire before me;

Can you hear the cries of the Third Ward,
As they endure the scalding heat from above!
Heaven answers with appeasement,
Sending a song bird this way.

For the nightingale sings to the frivolous youth,
With infinite dreams of tommorow;
Of a land consumed in madness,
By the betterment of self-upheaval.

A thousand orphans Lady Elgin bore,
as Augusta scythes her spleen;
A lovers quarrel born at sea,
careens between duels this day.

As her hull sinks to darkness,
Under grey lactating clouds;
Mothers of Kilbourntown embrace,
Juneautown sisters estranged,
beseeched with abridging hugs.

Who will tender to our children?
Tucked beneath a latent moon;
Who will adhere to our convictions?
And give them warmth tonight.

Love will pasture on withered fields,
bringing winters howl to rest;
Blossom towards a tepid sun,
timidly dilating at hand.

From a distance I can see,
two friends beyond the hill;
A scarecrow shadowed at eve,
With a sparrow on its sleeve.

Oh! If I could hold this moment a little more,
threshing the corn evermore;
Sifting the kernels with a supple touch,
Sitting by an open door.

Its pretty ironic how this poem came about. I walked into Bruegger's Bagel shop located on the levy of the University of Minnesota looking to satisfy Amy's need for a Vanilla Latee.
What a man will do for his former wife.
To which the sales clerk kindly corrected me and said it was a Laté!
Touche to the red head from Wisconsin.
As American Woman is playing on the radio, I thought what a title for a Poem! So here's to you Lauren, a spring blossom dressed in poppy flowers set forth by John McCrae at 'Flander's Fields' this day in history.
And so I wrote May 3rd,2014 in a state of sheer folly and delivered it in a Papa John Pizza box.
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