An Addict From Mars Poem by Sara Tehrani

An Addict From Mars

Rating: 2.2

I don't want to smoke any more, It hurts my lungs and pains my head
Though it gives me the satisfaction like a sleeping pill softly putting me to bed

I don't want to drink any more, because it drowns my liver and knocks me to the floor
But It numbs the pain and lets me feel like I'm just laying on the shore

But most of all, I don't want to let you down
I don't won't to disappoint you and make you frown
When I use to be the one to take you to town
with my poker dot dresses holing your hands
Now both just holding cigarettes and wine.

I don't want to wait no more
For the love to crawl back in my life
Where you use to unravel ribbons around me, said I was a gift from the stars
And now you build a wall around me, and say I'm just an addict from mars

When will you love me again
Like a person who is simply numbing the pain!

~ Jon London ~ 25 August 2009

A great self reflective piece that shows the turns you have made in life in order to feel somewhat better inside, knowing that it's yourself that must change in order for you to move forward in life...without the regrets....A wonderful piece to share..and know that many will relate...thanks for this

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