An Insight To Love At First Sight. Poem by Sara Tehrani

An Insight To Love At First Sight.

Rating: 2.4

This is personal, so suddenly close to me from being so far apart.
This is fragile, so suddenly moving through the stillness of my skin
But never the less it will take a while for us to fall deeply within
As it all just suddenly collided and collapsed before you kissed my nervous back

This is a weakness, one I know you will strengthen
This is the place where I always crumble, after the moments my heart beat stumble
So where do we go from a place we so very well know
Look directly in my eyes and tell me this time it is different

This is personal, so suddenly, so quickly, so intense the nights
So flattering to fall so fast, but if rushed it will soon pass
So lets rewind but without a stop, lets slowly and beautifully take it to the top
This is what it is... an insight... to love at first sight.

Dr Hitesh Sheth 02 November 2009

The emotional see-saw of 'love at first sight', depicted well in the poem........a good write....

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L.P. Alexanders 18 October 2009

very touching and with pure feelings that perfectly describe the magic of falling in love at first sight! very well developed, thanks for sharing Keep writing and loving :) 10+++++

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Emu Getachew 08 October 2009

When you love, it’s like seconds are life time and hours are infinite. Nothing matters. Who said it should follow a certain dogma? Thanks love it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 10

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Melika H 08 October 2009

this poem is fab! ! ! i found it very personal, because i could relate it to myself! feals so real almose like i was there at that precise moment love it keep up the heard work you should start sellin your poems x

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