...An Angel's Face (Best Love Poems) Poem by Charles Wiles (Best Love Poems)

...An Angel's Face (Best Love Poems)

Rating: 4.2

When I was young I had a dream
A vision of perfection seen
A miracle of female grace
Heaven sent, an angel's face.

The image filled my heart and mind
And through my life I longed to find
The woman of that holy night
When I was blessed with such a sight.

The world I searched and breathless saw
Steep mountain peaks, cruel jagged shore,
Harsh highland hills, white river's run,
Cool arctic moon, hot desert sun.

Dry planes so wide, lush valleys deep,
Rich palaces and ragged keeps,
Night sky so black, fresh snow so white,
Deep caverns dark and cities bright.

Fair beaches warm, fierce oceans cold,
Wild orchids young, great forests old,
New widows' tears and new borns' cries,
Pear shaped pearls and burning skies!

Yet nothing took my breath away
Quite like your smile that golden day
For there at last, my vision true,
That angel's face belonged to you.

(May 2005)

Monday, September 22, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: angel,angels ,arctic,beach,desert,forest,moon,mountain,ocean,orchid
Miriam Maia Padua 27 August 2009

Again, such a beautiful piece... so lovely to read the idea is so great..and the title.. the words that makes this piece..really great.. the rhyming fit so well.. 10 lovelots, Maia

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