An Answer From Above…. Poem by MBJ Pancras

An Answer From Above….

It hath been a hidden blessing long before we were born,
Mysteriously unknown unto us what would be thro' miracles.
Born in stable-like huts we were in different provinces,
Travelled thro' roses and thorns amidst hopes and future.

It was a dusk when twilight closed its eyes with the order of the daylight,
We set out looking for a world of life for a sojourn,
Nothing in our hands except a Hope on THEE,
The whole world of falsity stayed behind us.

Our Hope on THEE showered THY blessings on us,
And we became three to be in THEE, engraved in THY Palm.
The helm in our ship worked well by THY Grace.
And each of our steps took us to the land of fortitude.

Amidst insults and curses of the world Thou gavest an Answer,
A home to live built on THY Divine Mercy,
And not simply on bricks and sand,
It hath been THY windfall unto us to stand apart.

Thou madest our heads rise and soar,
And we sought to reach a little bit higher
To prove ‘those curses' a fallen substance,
And Thou hast made us live above on Thy blessings.

Thou hast sent us a Good Samaritan to taken the challenge,
And he is the one, who might be thy messenger in living person,
Thou wert with him and built our home of Thy blessings,
And Thou hast paved way for us to rise ‘cross the horizon.

A day hath been preset to make a new entry into Thy blessed home,
And that day would be the dawn of joy and happiness,
And we are three would ever walk beside Thee,
And proclaim unto the world that the Lord is every with us.

Friday, March 20, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: blessing
(In View of House warming)
Spock The Vegan 20 March 2020

Thanks for this inspirational poem.

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MBJ Pancras

MBJ Pancras

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