An Apple Can Look Beautiful Poem by Siona DoyleMcLaughlin

An Apple Can Look Beautiful

Rating: 4.8

An apple can look beautiful
With its cherry-red skin,
But that skin can only be beautiful
If there is a core within.

(Written 1988. Published 1994 In 'Scaling The Face Of Reason: An Anthology Of Canadian Poetry' - Canadian Chamber Of Contemporary Poetry)

©Siona Doyle-McLaughlin

Alison Cassidy 30 January 2007

It is often the simplest ideas expressed in the simplest fashion that have the most impact. Wonderful piece. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Michael Gale 30 August 2006

An apple's red beauty of cherry red skin originate's originally from it's centered core of that beautied shined growth fro' deep within. Nary a worm to be ever found... Of this beauty that is so beautifully round. Juice fills thy mouth's taste buds with sweetened downed trip... Via it's throatly directed down drip. Down to thy tummy does it ever come glad... Best danged taste that i've ever had. Tree dropped treasure that falls into my stomach's treasure chest... Sweetly longed taste be it ever so best. Apple pie or turnover's baked done and thus finished... Look Ma, it's gone, as gone as diminished. Yum! yum! Yum! ... Much appreciatively first met to thy welcoming home gum. Yum! yum! yum! Hurry into my tum Your poem be pretty. What do ya think of my well inspired version? God bless all poets-MJG..

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