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>An Astounding Artist

Rating: 4.8

An astounding artist stands in the winds
raping the light remains he close to me, tight,
without any pencil or colour
he does not have any imagination either
still, he draws succinct fresco
super designed portrait,
not of me but his
in all the shades
the joy of sight in the shining bright
in dark, the fear, in dusky the doubt

all the secrets are in dim
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Captain Cur 21 May 2013

Interesting use of rhyme and the poem flowed beautifully. The poem may be about the creator, I am not sure. but an excellent poem.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 22 June 2013

you write beautifully bhai

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Heather Wilkins 23 May 2013

An astounding artist could be several different people. But the most astounding is our creator. Lovely write Abdul

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A beautiful poem about the astounding artist- God? - is admirable! So lovely!

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Valsa George 22 May 2013

An excellent write! ! Who is that great artist? Is it the maker of the universe? Enjoyed! !

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wonderful and lovely poem 10

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