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I fall a prey to great affliction,
Undergo sufferance with botheration.

Why should I undergo pain and fret?
Why should I twitching heartache get?

Loneliness and solitude
Both denote lack of contact with people!


Cleanliness! Cleanliness! Cleanliness!
Cleanliness ever gives you happiness! happiness! happiness!
For cleanliness is next to Godliness! Godliness! Godliness!

God made Nature
God made Man
Nature can survive without man
Man cannot survive without nature.

The tongue
Can utter sweet words
Of love and affection
Of praise and gratitude

One aspect of human existence is stress
From the very childhood one encounters stress
From school, college, job and family, one faces stress
An integral part of worldly life is stress


Music is an art
Music is presided over by the Muses
Music combines sounds in a pleasing way
Music has common elements.

When a man wishes to enter the wedding altar,
He chooses to have a traditional wife
Who cooks, cleans and is submissive without strife

Mango fruits are exotic fruits
They are rightly called
Mango—The King of fruits!

The hand that feeds is bit
The preceptor who knowledge imparts
Is snubbed, slighted and twit
This is the progress in today’s education.

To drink
And to clean
An ambrosia for life

Love your work
With all your heart
Don't you shirk
And work in part

Green colour
Lovely summer blooms
Attractive to the eye

C-ompassion is showing sympathy
O-n this special day we emphasize empathy
M-eaning of compassion is co-suffering
P-ity and concern for others genuinely exhibiting.

When difficulties arise
Think of God


Sky studded
In the night
Light twinkling as diamonds

Beats incessantly
Throughout our life
To makes us live

Prasadam is specifically prepared for God
Food that is first offered
To God is considered sacred
Prasadam means the Mercy of the Lord.


Love is a gift
It shuns away all rift

Freely bestow love

The peacock is a large colourful bird
It is referred to as Pavo Cristatus in zoology
It is an ostentatiously adorned bird
It is a Phoenix on Earth—so heavenly.

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Gain In Pain

I fall a prey to great affliction,
Undergo sufferance with botheration.

Why should I undergo pain and fret?
Why should I twitching heartache get?

Why should I undergo this distress?
Why should I have this unhappiness?

I stumble to interpret and expound,
I am helpless to unravel and come around!

In God's wonderful and glorious creation,
There is nothing whatever without reason!

'Oh! God! Why have you thrown me over-board?
Oh! God! Why am I saddled with such a load? '

'Oh! Ye man, when life is trying and troublesome,
Difficult, with misery, formidable and toilsome;

With worry, trials and tribulations,
You are made tough to get invigoration;

You gather spirit, strength and tenacity,
You become chaste, pure with sublimity;

Distress gives you the grit and determination,
To overcome the bitterness in the situation;

With sufferance you learn endurance,
You engender enthusiasm and tolerance;

With pain you restrain and gain wisdom,
You are seasoned, cohesive and solemn;

With affliction you beget verve and inspiration,
You become deeply profound with beatification! '

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Rajendran Muthiah 09 April 2012

The poem, My Mother starts as a ditty, transforms into a paean of your mother's care for all, a sense of cleanliness and helping hand to her kin, but ends unfortunately as a dirge with an elegiac tone. But she is a successful mother completing her task satisfactorily. Peace be to her soul. And a great poem with rhyming endings.

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Ezhil Annamalai 03 August 2019

Mrs.Chandra Thiagarajan, unexpectedly & suddenly died on 25th JULY,2019.

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khalid khan 25 March 2018


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Connie Robertson 22 January 2016

Dear Ms Thiagaran I am seeking permission to reprint part of one of your poems in a school book: MATERIAL required for use in Nelson Handwriting: Pupil Book 6 & Teacher Book 2 Chandra Thiagarajan: ‘The importance of rain’ [4 lines used - second verse only of 16 line poem] “If clouds withhold the promised rain” found on poem hunter Please can you contact me by posting a reply

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Kavya . 28 August 2013

Chandra Mam, a very gifted and talented poet. Her poems have a peculiar style that carries a lovely message in the end. She writes lovely poems, Cinquains, Acrostics with ease. Her poems are of all nature, on current affairs, on social topics and its really worth reading. I wish Chandra Mam all the very best and may she continue to write such poems and inspire readers. Also special thanks to PH for creating such a marvellous platform where poets can contribute poems and communicate too.

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Ms Chandra Thiagarajan is a poet with wonderful insight into Indian life, womanhood and social entity of the human folk around her. Her regular poems are highly reflective of her concern over the issues at large and her triplets are just like the pearls of great wisdom. The ease with which the poet analyses the intricacies of life with special references to the individuals who have been known to her more or less adds to the perfect blends of poetic devices and apt diction used every time. I have a strong feeling that her regular poems have to be given greater credit as the inclination towards writing triplets and couplets cannot serve any good purpose in these times. I wish Madam Chandra Thiagarajan all the very best ahead.

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