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A lot of praise and admiration I got when I was full of innocence
Now, I am under crook clumsy seductive adolescence.
Keeping head straight, running life difficult a lot
Sensing the senses makes me a bewildered pot.
Unknown pricks me, the soul is heavy and restless
The world appearing suffocated ruthless.
Sentiment creeps in, around hard blowing the wind.
I do not know how to cool and keep quiet my mind.

Easy life becomes hard,
Thinking gone absurd.
Depth less burning, calm less itching titillation
Insatiable desire, and unreal imagination,
Fear-guilty-under morality-frozen blood
Reason-logic floats tumultuous overturn vessels in the flood.
Volcanic eruption crave quivering
Crazy emotions all are thrilling!
How to cope? where to turn?
Is easy life being forever gone?

D H 28 September 2012

The mood of the Adolescent years of a person, this reminds me sadly that mine is coming to a end.

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Wahab Abdul 16 July 2013

thank you D H for your comment..

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Wahab Abdul 16 July 2013

thank you Subbulakshmi fr yr comment

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Wahab Abdul 16 July 2013

thank you Floyd fr yr cmnt..

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Tribhawan Kaul 27 September 2013

Picture of adolescence beautiful described with word weaving. Excellent. Deserved to be the poem of the day. Hearty congratulations Abdul Wahab JI:

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Kanav 01 June 2018


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Rachel Butler 19 July 2015

A tough subject handled well. The confusion and the guilt of the new sensations and emotions. adolescence

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Mohammad Skati 27 September 2014

Feeling the truth of life clearly. Thanks.

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Bernard Snyder 27 September 2014

Congrats' on your poem being chosen as 'Poem of the day. Well-deserved and I wish you continued success. Thanks for sharing such an interesting poem.

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Abhishek Mishra 07 October 2013

Truth about adolescence crafted in words...great write sir: -)

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