An Autograph Poem by James McIntyre

An Autograph

Rating: 2.7

Lines written at the request of a young lady and inserted in a mental Album.
We looked over the book, it was in form of questions and auswers. One
of the questions was 'who is your favorite poet?' We were quite amused
to find a number of different persons had written in answer, 'McIntyre.'
We believe that the most of them were joking, but we hope to inspire them
With loftier idea of our poetic power in the future.

In this Album you may trace-
If not the lineaments of face-
Here, at least, you will find
Photographs of the mind.

Some in earnest, some in fun,
some do lecture, some do pun ;
Here the maiden and the youth,
Each proclaim some precious truth.

And there is some fine pages-
Written by maturer ages-
They show that time is brief,
That soon comes sere and yellow leaf.

But we must cease, 'ere your ire
Be aroused 'gainst McIntyre,
Who doth reside in Ingersoll-
you'll think that he is droll.

Susan Williams 01 March 2017

Interesting back story to this piece- I wonder if it was true.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 28 February 2017

Here the maiden and the youth Both proclaim some precious truth Thanks for sharing it here.

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James McIntyre

James McIntyre

Forres, Scotland
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