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Oxford Cheese Ode

Rating: 2.9

The ancient poets ne'er did dream
That Canada was land of cream,
They ne'er imagined it could flow
In this cold land of ice and snow,
Where everything did solid freeze,
They ne'er hoped or looked for cheese.

A few years since our Oxford farms
Were nearly robbed of all their charms,
O'er cropped the weary land grew poor

And nearly barren as a moor,
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Kimberly Kastner 19 April 2006

HA HA HA very cute and funny! : D

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poem hater 31 March 2005

i thought i was the only cheese lover

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c h e e s e 26 August 2021

cheese cult

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Chezz Lover 30 April 2020

True Dat! :)

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Bless Makepeace 03 January 2017

Wow, this poem makes my heart sing with delight and praise! ! !

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Jack Williams 26 August 2009

Love cheese, come from Oxford, so this caught my attention. I think he's referring to a different Oxford though. Still, enjoyable.

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Poulet Noir 18 February 2007

You are truly a William McGonagall of our times.

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