An Enviable Wealth(A Grandfathers Portfolio) Poem by Bryan Sefton

An Enviable Wealth(A Grandfathers Portfolio)

Is not their laughter the pouring of gold?
Put it away.
The beauty of this kiss must never be sold
Put it away too
This tiny hand in mine, an investment for all time
Make it safe. Put it away.

Look at the riches in this smile. What artistry!
Yes, put it away
I am assured of more, all promised to me. They too will be saved
Observe the lines of this face. The mouth with the laughter trace
Careful now! Make it safe, put it away

This head of curles, couldn't you just leave your fingers there?
Yes, put them away.
There are two boys and two girls. There's music in all that they say
Listen, I'll get them to speak. Oh, just listen to that?
They'll talk all through the day. Their makers are exceptional people.
Be careful, they're special. Put them away.

Wait! Watch as they climb on my knee. See how they kiss my cheek?
And say how much they love me? I could listen for a week.
What price would you place on that?
Now, see how they snuggle? I can't believe how comfortable they feel
As if they have been made to measure. No! I've changed my mind.
These are a treasure I want near. I'll keep them here.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: grandchild,love and life,treasure

Bryan Sefton

Farnsworth near Bolton, England, UK
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