An Abused Love. Poem by Bryan Sefton

An Abused Love.

You are your own problem, you have your hand
in the water of your life. Stirring up
the sediment. Clouding the issue.
Your silly, crying that the world is hard
Masochistic some would say, Silly I say
Boo hooing like a three year old. Carrying
your heartache like a sandwich man his board
I would rather you went away and cried
Take yourself somewhere else you silly girl
Left you? Of course he's left you! He's gone back
to his wife, poor woman. What did you expect?
Tell me, what did you expect?
Never thought he would? Well I surely did
The only never thought I thought was that
she would take him back.In that respect she's
as silly as you. I don't blame him one bit
If the world is full of women waiting
to be exploited then more luck to his- -
I won't say it because it's rude. Wipe your
face! You look like someone who's washed and can't
find the towel Your trouble is that you've
been sheltered and protected. Easily
caught is what I call you. Easily caught
is what you are. I disagree, your life
is not ruined. Your life has been saved
Saved from perpetually wondering
what he will do next, or what he will not
I've never seen such a bring me fetch me
carry me in all my life. I swear that
if he found an iron lung he would stop
breathing for himself. He lives the life of
least effort. It is his sole ambition
and the sum total of his existence
As a dedicated lay about he
has achieved Nirvana. He sits beneath
the tree of life and expects the world to
wait upon him, and it does. There will ever
be some cloud headed girl eager to cater
to his every need. I don't know. I do
not know what some girls carry in their heads
Love him? Yes, I have no doubt that you do..
Die without him? Possibly
Can't live without him? Ha! Ha! Ha!
We shall discuss this in twelve months time
as we try hard to remember his name.
Oh silly girl. You silly, silly girl.
You take the first man who comes along and
think that he is Devine. You are unwise
in the ways of the world. You are naive.
Give yourself time. Play at love before you
give yourself to it. Youth is so fleeting
The beauty of it slips by then it is too late
The smell of a flower, the touch of rain,
is never the same again Be aware
of them. The feel of the seasons.
The excitement of fresh encounters
The turn of a man's head that shows
he has seen you. The brazen look that tells you
he's interested. The smile that introduces him
The words that woo and captivate you.
The touch of his hand upon your arm
The knowledge that wherever you lead
he will follow. Play my love. Play and enjoy
Be aware. Be aware of how fleeting it is.
Be aware of the power you wield
Grow in confidence until the day,
that day when the right man arrives
Be assured my darling, that he is there
Today, tomorrow, next week.
He will step forward, as he came to me
He will smile and the day will glow.
He will speak and the day will fade
He will reach for your hand
and you will give him your life
You have carried his picture within your heart.
You have heard his voice within your dreams
He is whispering from the shadows
as he whispered to me. Trying to catch your eye
as he caught mine. Look for him child
Look for him. He is there waiting.
Not to exploit you. Not to use you
But to love and protect you from all that
this man would subject you to
He will be a brick wall against all that would harm
His arms will be a place in which you can hide
He will be a fortress of solitude
And you will know contentment the like of which
You have never known since you were a babe
And the world was safe and warm
Look for him. Find him
As I found him

Friday, July 10, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: advice,encounters,heartbreak,new friendship
Edward Kofi Louis 12 July 2020

You are your own Problem when you fail to do the right thing! ! Abused love! Facing the odds of life. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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