An Illusion Poem by Vinaya Joseph

An Illusion

Life is an art,
Painted by self,
Mind is the canvas,
And thoughts are the colours,
And it's no one but you
Who paints your life,
Adding dark and light shades

Grief is an illusion,
Created by one's mind,
Hence must take care
To fill the emptiness of mind,
With the right emotions,
Let there be silence and tranquility
When you are surrounded by chaos of life

Need to tame one's thoughts,
And be at peace,
With one's emotions,
Kill the restlessness,
And the sleeplessness,
Else it will maim you…

Seasons of your heart will change,
Every dawn will break into a dusk,
Dawn and dusk are both illusions,
And every dusk will give birth to a new dawn,
A new beginning,
The clock will never stop clicking,
Whether I or you exist or not,
Life and people will move
Must tell your heart not to bleed
For this is a selfish world
And it is the truth,
That nobody cares
For others,
Its "I" Who matters,
Not they/he/she!

When you are mentally & emotionally drained,
Don't look for external help,
Look inwards

Please don't weep,
Or waste those sacred tears,
Or your time,
For the wrong one
While you wait for the right one

What is truth?
Is you
What is in your limits?
Is you
Your emotions are yours,
Your thoughts are yours,
The beauty is
Nobody can control it,
You have the power,
To change yourself,
And your circumstances

Turn inwards,
That's where all the answer lies,
That is where the power is,
You are your own healer,
Nothing but your own body,
Can solve all the worries,
Let your conscience be the decision-maker,
And the unseen hand of the Almighty guide your steps

Relax and breathe deep Vinu,
And get back to life…

Monday, November 7, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: conscience,grief ,healing,heartbreak,life,pain
Vinaya Joseph

Vinaya Joseph

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
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