RoseMarie Mitchell

An Island Of Silence - Poem by RoseMarie Mitchell

God left me on an island and said He’s coming back
But just before He left me he gave me a little sack
“These are the things you’d need “, He said, ” “As you wait for my return”
In that sack there wasn’t much which caused me some concern
There were some candles to use at night
So I could have some light
And matches to use for fire
But nothing I desire

Then as He turned to walk away He looked at me and smiled
“I will be back don’t get discouraged though it may take a while”
There was a house already built right on a great big hill
And as I gazed inside I felt a warm big thrill
For in the house were clothes, a bed and a shower
A kitchen with pots and pans and even a flower
There were plenty food and water but no computer or phone
Then the thought really hit me that I was really all alone

It seemed that my Savior had thought of everything
There was really nothing that I needed to bring
It was only then did my heart began to sing

Soon I grew accustomed to my new island home
And found lots of adventure as through the trees I roam
At night I’d light a candle with the matches that I had
And ate my dinner all alone which made me very sad

The days turned into weeks and months turned into years
But still my Savior didn’t return and my heart was filled with fear
My food was running very low, my matches almost done,
The candles would soon burn out which didn’t make for fun
How could my Savior leave me all alone? My heart was full of doubt
It was a waste of time to cry or wave my hands and shout
For I was alone on that island no one else was about

I started searching in the sack to see what I could find
I felt sure my savior had left me something that just might be a sign
And as my fingers touched a spot that I had never felt before
My heart leaped with joy I knew I had found something more
The first thing that I recognized was a tool called faith
The very thing I needed to help me as I wait
Then along came patience yet another tool
Followed by diligence they all traveled together as a rule

From then on things seemed to work as I used my tools each day
And as I used the tool called faith it drove away my fear
Then, patience came and taught me how to wait
I realized I needed diligence in case hard times stole my faith
This tool kept you on your guard as one can really tell
It fights evil and temptation, doubt and fear as well
But then my tools grew worn and tattered amidst life wear and tear
As I waited for my savior to come and get me here
But just as I was about to give up and throw my tools away
I saw my Savior standing there and didn’t know what to say
I couldn’t speak a word because my heart was filled with shame
I hung my head in disappointment for I knew I was to blame
Then my savior looked at me with love so immense
And as I gazed into his eyes I had not one defense

“From time to time”, my Savior told me, “You will not hear from me”.
That’s because I’m behind the scenes doing things you cannot see
That doesn’t mean I do not hear you or listen to your trouble
Just use the tools I give you and your blessings will be double
And then my savior told me something that I didn’t know was true
“I never really left the island though I was out of view
My eyes were constantly watching out for you
At times like these you have to trust me and use your tool of faith
Because though matter how long I stay I am never ever late”

“You see my dear! I’m busy making plans for your life to go straight
There’s nothing you can do you only have to wait
My plans are not to hurt you they are for your own good
You always have to have your tools as all good workers should
Faith, patience and diligence you must keep in your sack
They are the ones you’ll really need until I could come back
And as my Savior showed me what he had been working on
I knew that half the battle I had already won

As I left the island with my savior at my side
I knew no better master a worker needs as guide
My savior gave me fresh tools that I put right in my sack
For I knew that I would need them whenever I came back
This time I wouldn’t worry or fill my heart with fear
For even when my Savior leaves I know He’s always there
Even though I can’t see him or even hear a sound
I will not fret, I will not worry for I’m confident that my savior’s still around

So when the troubled waters of your life is rough and things are going wrong
He’ll take you through the stormy weather in a boat that’s very strong
And even though you may not see or feel him he’s right there by your side
As through the choppy waters together you will ride
These are the times the enemy will try to steal your tools
So that you can get discouraged and break all God’s rules
So when God leaves you on an island and you’re all alone
You will not have a computer or even have a phone

But you have the love of Jesus and his guiding light
It never needs a battery but is always shinning bright
So be vigilant on that island guard your tools with all your might
And watch for Jesus as he sails into sight
He’ll never let the boat hit against the rocks
He’ll take you to safety right at the very docks
So keep your eyes on Jesus keep a smile not a frown
For with your eyes on Jesus you clearly will not drown

Do not get discouraged when things don’t go your way
Just listen in the silence to what the Savior has to say
For in a really quiet voice this is what you’ll hear
“Be still my child! And know that I am God. I’ll drive away your fear
Take courage then my brother, my sister and my friend
Keep your tools handy to others do not lend
For even when your house has fallen and you do not hear from him
He’ll climb a tree and put you safely on a limb

Wait on Jesus just listen for his call
In those dangerous waters he’ll never let you fall
Just remember keep your tools in your sack
Stay on that island Jesus will come back
So keep your spirits, keep your faith
Jesus is never ever late
And even when you might not hear a sound
Remember Jesus is always around

Comments about An Island Of Silence by RoseMarie Mitchell

  • (2/26/2010 11:12:00 AM)

    I loved every bit of this poem, very well put from start to finish. What an amazing poem. I felt warm reading it, sounds strange but thats how i felt whilst reading it, still do to be honest.
    Your a mint writer and i look 4ward 2 reading the rest.
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  • (2/14/2010 10:28:00 AM)

    A lovely heartfelt message so well put. (Report) Reply

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