RoseMarie Mitchell

I Tested God's Love - Poem by RoseMarie Mitchell

Her twin sister was born perfect two days before she came
But, she arrived two days later, alas who was to blame?
It seemed that from conception, her luck was not the same
For she knew she would be destined for heartbreak and shame
One leg was quite deformed, though not quite visible at birth
So she grew from child to adult with very little self-worth
Sometimes she spent long nights alone, crying in her room
Her future didn’t seem so bright, it sure foretold of gloom
But God looking kindly down on her saw her deep distress
Even though she constantly put him through a test
In her anxiousness to find someone that she could really love
She failed to seek God’s advice and his blessings from above
Instead she had a baby boy, outside the sanctity of marriage
And oftentimes she felt so alone pushing her baby carriage
To God she cried out constantly, “My life is so unfair”
And as she prayed on bended knees, her heart was filled with fear
But God stretched out his hand, and wiped away her tear
As He whispered in her ear, “My child I’m always there”
Not long after her baby’s birth, she suddenly lost her mind
And ended up in hospital too sick her way to find
While she was in hospital, her mind a hazy cloud
She remembered singing a hymn with words that sounded loud
T’ was a song she had never heard, or even sang before
And it happened every time that she was feeling low
“This cross is Jesus. He’s all I need” the words tumbled from her mouth
But at the time she had no idea what this was all about
To her amazement and confusion, it seemed that she was led
It was only afterwards she knew just what was said
She stayed in hospital for three months, until she felt quite well
She couldn’t care for her baby, her family could tell
So they did their very best, to make her strong again
But she just couldn’t forget the song, with the sweet restrain
One day she asked her mom if such a song exist
It was something she had to know, she really couldn’t resist
Her mom without hesitation, turned to her and answered “Yes”
And In her heart she rejoiced, for again, God had passed the test
She knew without a doubt, her Savior had been there
And He had given her the song to drive away her fear
Her mother nursed her back to health and her baby too
Life had also given him a bad hand; that was really true
For very soon after birth, she saw that he was ill
“Oh Lord”, she cried in desperation, “Surely, this cannot be your will? ”
“First me, then my son, Is there no end to this? ”
And at these times it seemed, she felt his loving kiss
But God had other plans for her; He sent her back to school
In order to do his work, she had to have the tool
She knew God was knocking at her door but pretended not to hear
For deep inside, her heart was still bolted down by fear
So she gave her life to Jesus for He really was the key
Then she prayed about her son, who needed therapy
This God provided too, and made every session free
Because of his condition, God’s heart was filled with pity
And He helped him finish High School, in a great big city
While she became a teacher and worked with kids each day
She found out it was much easier to let God have his way
Once she had a vivid dream where Jesus she could see
And in that dream she felt so loved, so peaceful, and happy
She asked him two questions, for each, He answered, “Yes
It seemed that all her life she put him through a test
Even though he knew this, He had a great big smile
And it didn’t bother her that He only stayed awhile
She immediately felt his power, his love, and his concern
He was a God of compassion, this she already learned
She wants everyone to understand and see
That God’s love has no bondage because it’s always free
God has passed every test that she has put him through
It wasn’t one, or two or three, or even quite a few
But now she knows without a doubt, that God’s love is true
And that what he’s done for her, he can do for you
Through the internet her story will be told
May God use it to bring faith to people’s soul
R. Mitchell
My true testimony

Comments about I Tested God's Love by RoseMarie Mitchell

  • Cynthia Buhain-baello (2/10/2010 6:46:00 PM)

    God's love does not test, but we do the testing of His love. His love is so great and has no boundaries, and though our sins be as big as the biggest ship, His love is as wide as the sea. Proof of His love was the thief/murderer on the cross, who was forgiven and was the first to enter Paradise, the adulterous woman who was forgiven, the Samaritan woman at the well who had several husbands, and all others who needed forgiveness and ACCEPTANCE (like me) . He said 'Come to Me all you who are weary, and I will give you rest.'

    Your piece was more a story than a poem, and a little arrangement can turn it into a wonderful narrative poem. But on the whole it is deeply moving, honest, cutting and relevant. Our young people need to read it.
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  • (2/10/2010 6:33:00 PM)

    wow, what a great testimony poem it blessed me. (Report) Reply

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