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Im James and im 21, from Manchester, England. I like alot of things, writing is one of them. i like exersise, i do weights n boxing. I have bin thru alot realy, read my poems n you'll sort of see what. Ive been locked up in a mental ward, my own fault tho. When I was younger I did alot of drugs and thats what caused it. That was about 2years ago n ...

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Katellyne Baker 02 April 2010

James... You do really great in poetry, and i like it (: I tried messaging you, but idk if you been checking your message inbox. Anyway, feel free to send me a message :) ~Kaitlyn Brice

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The Best Poem Of James Grayson

“slow Down, Sir”

When’s my time up?
I do not know.
But I refuse to move
With the worlds fast flow.

No one has time
To stand and admire,
The beauty in people
That passes us each hour.

No one has time,
They just rush on by,
Not knowing their running
Towards the day they die

When’s my time up?
I do not know.
But I laugh at people passing,
‘Cos I’m taking it slow.

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James Grayson Popularity

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