An October Day Poem by Ayhan Diril

An October Day

This is an October day,
I feel little bit cold.
This is the month when
Most glamorous
love stories are told.

As I step on the falling leaves
Like a soft carpet
I hear them whisper
our melody in your sound.

In every step,
they join our prayers,
Like wishing to die
for drying our tears.

On an ordinary morning,
This is an ordinary walk.
By my side is this river.
They call it ‘green river'
but they don't know how
it flows into my world
Surrounded by grey mountains,
through your brown fountains.
This is the river we expect
Our impossible dreams to flow.
This is the river to fill our
moments with happiness.

I put my hands in my pockets
And keep my walk, slow.
With this spirit,
Sometimes high
Sometimes low.

So bad it is we can't come together!
Time picks up its happy times,
Doing best to escape from us.
I fill my lungs with this cold weather,
Trying to cool my longing heart
burning like hell.
But wishing to be as light as a feather,
and inhale your adorable smell.

I wish you were here,
for I have so much to tell.
In my throat with lots of knots
I sail deeper and deeper
In the sea of thoughts.

I meet those youngsters
sitting under an arbour.
Dancing like crazy butterflies,
their happy cries float in the sky.
I wonder if anyone claims
they can be as excited as us
like on our secret days,
with secret touches and meets.
Then you would be off my sight
getting on the bus,
like a bird about to flight.
Just like a blue kite,
In the high sky.
Just like a day ending
With a heartbreaking ‘bye'.

Oh, those days!
The real days
in joy we lived.
I call the rest ‘fake smiles',
On dusty pages,
Spent in early ages.

How happy those kids seem under the arbour.
On the table, with their birthday cake!
They dance and sing.
Then for a piece of cake
to take, they give a break.

Colored candles emit their gleam,
Like your starry eyes in my dream.

The chocolate cake,
as sweet as your smiles.
On it, the cherry is so appetizing.
It seems as sweet as the fountain
where the three sweetest words
Of the world are chanted.
Yet those words are the joy of my heart.

I wait for a single light in our dark skies.
Being in the winds of hope,
how I wish to end these cries.

When I plunge into past,
I remember no cake, no candles.
Because I was not born on my birthday.
Considering the days spent in vain,
like aimless times, spent in pain.
I feel so sure,
I was born on your birthday.

I watch those kids for a while,
Before it gets colder I had better walk home.
Let them live in their own world.
I take a deep breath to feel my own,
With a few lines of a poem
coming from my heart,
How I wish to see you again,
With a prayer in my palms,
I beg for a piece of April rain.

Oh, this is your birthday dear.
I wish I were with you to celebrate it,
For I am away, for I am in fear.

No matter how strong the winds blow,
In my blood, your affection and love flow.
Happy birthday to you,
My morning coffee, my sweetest toffee.

Happy birthday to you!
The owner of my shining stars!
The best prize in my life.
The meaning of my life.

You fill each second of my hour.
Happy birthday to my spring flower!

Hard to challenge this cold weather,
I keep swinging my arms and take a walk.
I wish you were here,
I have many things to say,
Desperately I prefer silence,
Trying to smile at the day.

Enclosed by those lovely moments
I wonder when our lips will smile.
I wonder when the miracles come true.
Will we ever blow out our burning candles
of our own birthday cake?

I will reach the peak of happiness
on our birthday when
my lonely planet finds its orbit,
when my heart melts in your soul.
You are my half to complete the whole.
I refuse the days without you!
Never do I claim
I have ever lived them.

My seas were not blue,
Until my life had colors with you.
Even the birds know it is so true.

I know, I was not born on my birthday.
I was born on your birthday.
Happy birthday to us.

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