Challenge And Missing Poem by Ayhan Diril

Challenge And Missing

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Who says it is easy to forget the beloved one?
Does it matter how much you cried?
After the beloved one's gone.
Does it matter how many roses got dried?
Is it easy to forget it so soon?
Does it matter if it is morning or noon?
When the image of the lost reflects on the moon?

When your smell is brought to me
By the lonely winds as I close my eyes,
The world stops telling lies as the devil in my heart dies
There in the skies a door opens.
An angel smiles at me to dry my tears.

Can the dances of burning candle tell you
If it is itself or missing you that burns me away?
Does it matter to play or pray
When the memories disappear
Day by day in the trace of a sleigh?

Who cares if all the music stops?
Who cares if all the rhythm gets tired?
Oh, the pitiless world! Take your hands off me!
Don't give me a touch! You know I miss her so much.

Meredith Briggs 29 January 2023

wonderful! I find myself relating to this poem very much. Thanks [3

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Jayne Louise Davies 28 November 2022

Lovely words. Thanks for sharing x

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Ayhan Diril 30 November 2022

You are so kind JAYNE,

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